Wyze Floor Lamp Upgrades Your Craft or Comfy Zone - 4/13/21

Calling all crafters, readers, and cozy nest enthusiasts! :loudspeaker:

We have the perfect AI-enabled lamp for your nook or zone. We wanna see where you would put a Wyze Floor Lamp for that sweet, sweet directional lighting!

Here’s ours… Whatchu got? :eyes:


Y’all, I admit it. I was kinda skeptical about his product before I got it. But I’m the one that took those first two photos in my home and I LOOOOOOVE my lamp (and I’m not just saying that).


I recommend looking into the page! It has honestly improved my life between being able to use the remote to turn on the light from my work station, using it for painting in my coloring books, and shining the light directly on my book I’m reading.


wow, I am lucky, refreshed the page while buying the handheld vacuum, and then saw this cool lamp coming out with only 4 backers, instantly went pre-ordered it and saw I am one of the first 11 backers. Feel excited to be an early bird.


Hey hey, Wyze Community!

This is Amanda, the PM from the Wyze on Wyze Floor Lamp! :grinning:

Show us where is your favorite nook at your home? Mine is at my desk! :wink:


how did u get it even when it’s in pre-ordering stage? is there a hidden “I want to try before release” program we can sign up?


Amanda is the product manager for this one. She’s on the Wyze team! :smiley:


Thank you for your order, @billyfan! I am confident that you’ll enjoy this lamp!

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I like how long it looks. I have used Wyze bulbs with desk lamps to make them smarter, and Wyze plugs with floor lamps to make them smart. This is a good price for a floor lamp with a good flexible head. Color would’ve been nice to use as alerts with rules (ie: change blue when person detected on front Cam, etc), but for just lighting, seems reasonable.


Is it just daylight color balanced? I hope it has warm light too…


I usually jump all over these pre-order sales, even when I don’t really need it. But, I have to take a hard look before I buy this. The shipping cost of $14 is almost half the cost of the lamp.


Shipping cost made me pause before placing an order.


I put mine in the cart with FULL INTENTION to buy, then saw the shipping and changed my mind. Sad. I really like the lamp, but not paying that much for shipping.


Hi Leshall - currently we have one lighting option for the 4000K Cool White, to help you focus on some of the things you love to do and also provide a high color rendering to show the true colors and fine details. We will be adding the warm lighting options in our future products!


Hi Billyfan, currently we do not have “I want to try before release” program yet, but that is a great idea that we may consider adding it in our future launches!


I see a couple of comments about shipping here. The reason it is that price is because the box is both heavy and kind of big and we have to ship these individually. We aren’t making money on that. But I have shared that feedback with the team! :slight_smile:


In reply to myself or others…

“Samsung 1400lx LED Chips for 4000K Cool White. Bright, detailed and even lighting with 4000K Cool White color temperature.”

Too bad, I can see a use for cool light, but for ambiance in a room I always go for warm light. Much more romantic! LOL


That makes sense! Amanda and I are taking note of the requests in here. :grin:

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I put my order in! This came at a perfect time as we are just finishing our basement where I will FINALLY have a craft room. But, I think it was the suggestion for lighting for my Instagram photos that sold me! :grin:

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You all do not ship with UPS. I can promise you, shipping would be cheaper with UPS. We ship boxes 24x24x24, weighing anywhere from 10 to 25 pounds and never pay more than $6 to $10 to ship. And I’m sure that light doesn’t weigh 25 pounds.