Floor Lamp - Bulb alternatives (e.g., warmer color temp)

I purchased the floor lamp simply because I believe in all the WYZE products and have become a loyal customer with over 15 articles so far…

I have my house tuned to a warm light ambiance and as nice as the floor lamp is, its light temperature is a little too cool for my house. I would like it if there could be optional bulbs we could buy with warmer light tones or variable light tones. Also, direct wifi integration with the WYZE App would be nice also.

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Thank you Ssturlap! Glad you like it!

Wyze Floor Lamp uses BLE 5.0 technology. Wyze Floor Lamp can be connected via the Wyze app for remote control, scheduling timers, smart dimming, sleep mode, and more. Wyze Floor Lamp can be updated through the app to add more lighting experiences and features after purchase.

Let us know if you have any question. Happy to be of any assistance!

I also like the floor lamp very much, but I wish we could have a warmer bulb, one that could go from 2400 Kelvin to 3200 kelvin. Thank you!

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WYZE floor lamp Bulbs

Hello so I was wondering that for the WYZE floor lamp since the bulbs can change will there be any chance that there could be different types of bulbs. For example one that is color and white changeable. And that it could probably even have it so it can connect to the wifi?

Wyze doesn’t know how to sell warm LED products or they just refuse to. But the bigger issue is their product fail prematurely. I have two Wyze floor lamps and just noticed that both of them have cracks in the outside part of the light hoods, in the front. Wyze support won’t do anything about it because they are outside of the warranty, even thought this is a design flaw. The plastic on the external side of the housing is too thin and cracked due to the internal heat from the LED’s/electronics. It’s interesting that in both lamps, the crack is located on the front of the hoods. The light shines through the crack and is easily visible.

If it was an inexpensive product I’d just purchase a few more lamps but now Wyze wants $65 each and considering they only last about a year before they’ll crack again, makes them not worth it. And I didn’t even use my lamps that often. I’ve never ever had a floor or table lamp hood crack before. Thanks Wyze for making crappy Chinese grade products!