Floor Lamp Spare Bulb?

I Love This Lamp! I literally use it every day and mostly all day. I worry that the bulb will burn out and leave me ‘lampless’. Is there a plan to offer a replacement bulb or is there already a replacement available? I was unable to find one anywhere in the Wyze offerings. Thanx so much for such wonderful products.

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Received ours about a week ago and love them as well. Not only was I wondering about standard replacement but a future color bulb replacement. The new lamp replaced one using the color bulb and we miss it.
Also, wife was the first to point out, we shouldn’t place any lamps near the kitchen. The switch looks too much like the sink stopper. :slight_smile:

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Wyze Floor Lamp Bulb replacements

Thinking about purchasing the Wyze Floor Lamp. It has a specialized bulb. Any estimation on bulb life and will Wyze have replacement bulbs if needed?

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They are projecting a bulb life of 25,000 hours on the spec sheet. Wyze has not added a replacement bulb to the store yet, but they have started inching that way on other products, like the robot vacuum.


Thanks, that is precisely what I wanted to know. Thank you Newshound.


Hey @Newshound ,

I didn’t see in the floor lamp FAQ whether we could use non-Wyze bulbs with it or not. It appears that the actual lamp unit itself is the BT/Network aware device. I’m thinking that fact combined with lack of replacement bulb availability suggests that aftermarket bulbs might be kosher as long as they remain within the electrical guidelines.

Any idear here?

The Bluetooth radio is located in the bulb, not the lamp:


Roger that. Assuming the included bulb lasts a very long time since replacements aren’t yet available?

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I hope so. Mine has been running for ~8 hours/day for over a year. :pray:

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Yeah, this new floor lamp replaced one I’d had for almost 20 years that I’d used for roughly that length each day as well. I thought I had just blown a bulb, but the thing still wouldn’t come on even with a brand new bulb so I pitched it in favor of the Wyze edition.

As with any manufacturer, consumables & replenishments constitute bread & butter income… So I certainly don’t begrudge Wyze in that regard. Assuming the bulbs & remotes are ever offered, that is.

Logically, I suppose that if for some reason Wyze didn’t survive it wouldn’t really matter what sort of bulb we use since the control platform might not survive either. None of us would ever want anything remotely resembling that to happen, but obviously replacement parts & supplies are a longevity concern with any manufacturer.

My guess is that there are probably aftermarket bulbs with bluetooth remotes such that you could still use the actual lamp fixture itself as a standalone unit. App integration would be lost if the unthinkable ever happened… :upside_down_face:

The fact that I have even considered the unthinkable for future proof purposes should be a pretty powerful knock-on-wood double reverse jinx. Now we know that Wyze will endure forever :smile:

EDIT-1: Wouldn’t surprise me if the bulb & remote combo constitute the bulk of the price tag. Could be the replacement plan is to simply buy a whole new lamp at this point. Not exactly eco-friendly tho… :man_shrugging:t2:

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My daughter used this light to do her nails for a few years but this week the bulb separated from the threads and broke apart. I put a regular led bulb in the lamp and it works fine so I was hoping that I’d be able to obtain a replacement bulb. This thread is old but I assume the information remains valid.

I asked the question about a replacement bulb back in September 2021 as I use this light 8 to 10 hours a day and would really like a spare bulb to have when this one quits. Someone mentioned 2500 hours for the bulb and conservatively, I’m above that now. [ 300 days x 9 hours = 2700 ]. Is there a replacement bulb in the offing soon? Thanx in advance,

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I’m also wondering about a replacement bulb. I broke mine and was surprised I couldn’t order another. It’s not good for the environment if we have to buy another lamp.

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