Wyze Floor Lamp Cracks in Hood

Has anyone else noticed cracks in on the outside of their Wyze Floor Lamp hood and stem of the hood? I just noticed this on one of mine tonight. It’s way outside of the warranty but this really bothers me because it’s one of the few products from Wyze that I actually like. I think deep down I kind felt down the road there would be issues with the plastic hood, and no I didn’t cause the cracking. I have no idea how it happened and while the LED’s can get hot I doubt they got so hot to cause this issue. I’m really bummed right now.

I just checked my other Wyze floor lamp and the outside the light hood is also cracked and I rarely ever use that lamp. WTH Wzye?! This is ridiculous and there is no excuse for it. Wyze needs to replace them, no matter that they are outside of the warranty. Clearly they use a poor quality plastic for the light housing.

I contacted Wyze support and of course they won’t do anything about it because it’s outside of the warranty. I’m beyond frustrated with this company!

Here’s what the crack looks like on both floor lamps.

I have seen reports from other users that when they try moving/adjusting the lamp position by grabbing the plastic hood that they cracked it while trying to rotate or move it, and that we should mostly touch the flexible part of the stand if we want to adjust it all, so I’ve been careful about how I touch mine and it’s still without cracks at the moment.

I wonder if the cracks happened back when you were last adjusting where they pointed?

My hood FEELS like really good thick material, so I am surprised this has happened to at least 3 people. I bought my Floor Lamp months after launch during a Flash Sale and I probably don’t use it as often or for as long as others, so maybe that affects it too.

Either way, I agree that they shouldn’t crack that easily.


I’ve never adjusted it by holding the hood. I always hold the flexible part where it attaches to the base of the light fixture. So it didn’t crack because of being mishandled by me. But it still shouldn’t crack even it if was adjusted by holding the hood, because the lamp neck was designed to be adjustable.

I’m not surprised Wyze won’t take responsibility by taking care of their customers and I’m certainly not going to spend $65 each for replacement floor lamps. At some point you’d think I’d learn and stop spending money on their poor quality products.

And what ticks me off even more is that Wzye support kept me on chat for 45 minutes only to say there was nothing they could do because my lamps were outside of the warranty. Even though the first thing I told them was that I purchased them back in 2021 and that I knew they were outside of the warranty. But their warranty is only for 30 days and not much can go wrong with a product in 30 days. That alone tells you something about the quality of the things they make because if they really felt they made good products they would give them a longer warranty or at least stand behind them, when issues like what happened with my lamps occur.

I think you are confusing the return policy (30 days) with the Warranty Policy (1-3yrs depending on the product). You can return a product within 30 days of purchase for a refund, but the warranty itself is still good for up to a year on all new products purchased from Wyze or an authorized retailer, and some things like the Wyze Bulb White v2 will have a 3 year warranty (refurbished products are still only 30 days though because they aren’t new and it’s hard to know how used each individual used device is).

When I worked customer service through college, there were times I already knew someone didn’t qualify for a warranty replacement, or similar things, but I would still go to bat for them anyway and see if there is anyway I could convince someone that a particular situation warranted some kind of exception or discretionary call. Sometimes I could convince a supervisor/manager to use their discretion rather than uphold policy to the letter of the law. I would give the CSR you spoke with the benefit of the doubt. They may have known from the minute you called in that you didn’t qualify for a warranty exchange, but rather than just immediately tell you “Sorry it’s been more than a year, so there is nothing we can do” they seem to have taken extra time to try to go to bat for you, as evidenced by the fact that you were eventually offered a $5 and then a $15 gift card even though they are no longer covered by the warranty at all. I’d say the CSR actually went to bat for you pretty good and that it isn’t their fault that their options were limited. They were ultimately allowed to override policy and offer discretionary gift cards. It may not be your ideal solution, but considering in my experience of working Customer service for 4 companies that they were probably supposed to just tell you “sorry, you’re no longer under warranty, is there anything else I can do for you today?” I wouldn’t be too hard on the rep for going above and beyond for you. In my CSR working experience, this tells me this was actually a really great rep who cared about your situation and wanted to help up past the limits of their discretionary allowance and even got someone else to review your situation and offer3X as much as they had approval for.

Still, none of that changes the frustration for you that your purchase had a problem shortly after the warranty period ended. I wouldn’t recommend you buy another one with your current bad experience, but if you ever do, they do offer extended warranties through “Extend” for up to 3 years. The extended warranties are usually offered for all products, so if more than a 1yr guarantee is needed, a user may opt for the 3 year guarantee.


Maybe but I won’t buy another floor lamp because at $65 it’s way too expensive. Had I known the hoods would crack, then yes I would have purchased a 3 year extended warranty. But we shouldn’t have to because it’s just a floor lamp and it should easily last 3 years. I’ve never ever had anything this go wrong on any lamp I’ve owned. Had I dropped it or banged the hood on something then I could understand, had the cracks been my fault then I would have never brought this issue up. These cracks literally happened on their own. Plastic just doesn’t crack unless there is a reason like stress or heat, so I’m thinking heat from the LED’s and electronics are the cause. This is a design flaw. Did Wyze actually design it or pay a company to design it or is it a rebranded product…who knows. But since they put their name on it they should make things right. In the mean time it looks like my only option is to put electrical tape over the cracks and hope more cracks don’t show up. And I’m sorry but their $5 and then $15 offer of a gift card is insulting to me.

I was almost thinking about buying another floor lamp just to prove that the light hood will crack again. But I’d buy the 3 year extended warranty, which by the way really is only a two extended warranty (more false advertising from Wyze). This extended warranty starts the day of purchase and not at the end of the included one year warranty.

But after looking at the floor lamp cording page, the extended warranty options are gone. Could it be that Wyze knows that is a problem with this product and is basically phasing them out? Or perhaps there were a lot of replacements due to the hood cracking. I did read where others in the review section had cracked hoods as well. I tried to do my own review but it won’t let me for some reason. Is Wyze blocking the reviews on this product now, so nothing negative is shown?

I see them:

This is just a misunderstanding, Firstly, it is worth pointing out that to my knowledge, Wyze doesn’t actually call “Extend” an “Extended Warranty”…they imply it is more of a “Protection Plan:”



When I called it an extended warranty, like most people, I did so out of habit and colloquial expression, however, I still didn’t misuse the term. Extended warranties aren’t solely about Extending the TIME the warranty is valid, but can also include anything that extends the TYPE of coverage. In this case, Extend extends the protection to include accidental damage caused outside of the normal functioning of the device (something that is not covered by most warranties). In that sense it is still accurate to call it an “Extended Warranty” because it is extending the type of coverage beyond the scope of the regular manufacturer’s warranty, thus making it an extended warranty by definition even if you still only chose 1 year. In this case, they also allow you to extend the warranty length to up to 3 years in addition to extending the type of coverage. That is why it is still accurate to call it an extended warranty either way. No False advertising. But again, I don’t see Wyze referring to it as an Extended Warranty anyway, I am just saying it would be accurate to call it that if they so choose. This is fairly common for some Extended Warranties when they are expanding the things that are covered.


I had to close the page and then open it again then I could see the Extend plans. Where does it say what the basic one year warranty covers, to compare what this Extend one year plan covers?

It’s still not letting me do a review for my floor lamps. I wonder if it’s because their system doesn’t show that I purchased my lamps, when in fact I did, directly from Wyze. I’ve noticed that several of my purchases are not showing up in my purchase history. This kind of makes it difficult to provide proof of purchase.

Wyze Limited Warranty Policy


Extend Protection Plan Details

Extend Service Agreement Terms and Conditions

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Now Wyze wanted to give me a $20 gift card. Of course I refused. As I look over my floor lamp light heads I realize they don’t have vents. LED’s do get hot, especially when there are a lot of them, add in the electronics and it’s even hotter. If the wrong plastic is used it can melt or in my case, crack because the heat needs to escape. This design flaw is a huge safety issue and could cause a fire!

People, please look at your Wyze Floor Lamp very carefully and don’t leave it on unattended. Wyze needs to make good on this issue, but they don’t seem to care. Probably time to report it to the Consumer Product Safety Commision.

They should’ve added a vent somewhere. I checked my other Desk lamps, and they have vents in them even when they’re metal hoods, though the vents are usually back farther toward where the bulb screws in so that little light leaks out of it. That is one downside of a vent, is that then light leaks out to areas you don’t necessarily want, similar to what you said frustrated you about this new crack letting light leak from the side instead of the front.

I’m surprised they have increased their offer to you a few times even though you’re out of warranty. I don’t know any other company that would’ve done that. From $5 to $15 to $20. Almost every other company I’ve ever dealt with or even worked for just says “too bad” so I expected Wyze to do the same as everyone else. I’m actually pretty shocked they’ve offered you anything at all.

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Again, considering this is a design flaw offering me anything other than a replacement or all my money back isn’t acceptable. Heat vents can be designed so light doesn’t leak out or at least isn’t bothersome. But having no vents and then it causes the housing to crack is sloppy. While my I can still use my floor lamps I think it’s only a matter of time before the hoods get very brittle and crack even more.

As I think about it maybe I will buy another floor lamp, with the 3 year extra warranty. I’ll turn it on hight for hours at a time and then when it cracks probable monthly or even weekly, have them replace it under the warranty. I’m sure after 3 years of doing this it might get their attention to fix the issue.

Now Wyze is offering me a $30 gift card. Just proves they know there is an issue with these lamps, but won’t address it. More people need check their lamps and contact them if their lamps have cracked. They get too hot and are not vented.

I do believe this is a safety issue, which could be a fire risk.

That Gift card amount is worth the full cost of my Wyze Floor Lamp. I bought it for $29.99 (plus shipping)…during a flash sale on Nov 8th.

I miss those awesome Flash Sales…now they only do them on TikTok :sob:

TBH I am pretty shocked they’ve offered anything at all, let alone increased the offer so much. I don’t know any other company that would’ve gone so far out of their way to try to make a customer happy when they’re no longer under warranty, so this shocks me as incredibly good customer service (again, I am saying this having worked customer service for a long time through College and being very familiar with what other companies do). I’m actually quite impressed.


That’s great that you got it for $29.99, I never saw that sale. I paid I think around $53 each for mine. But I know plenty of companies that stand behind their products outside of the warranty. I’ve even had auto manufactures do curiously coverage way outside of the warranty on parts that shouldn’t fail but did and they took responsibility and replaced them, several times.

Wyze’s biggest issue it seems is that I can’t produce proof of purchase because they didn’t sent me that information when I bought the lamps. Not everything I bought from them shows up on my account purchase history, which I’ve always thought was odd. But you’d think since they took my cash and shipped them to me, they would have that information somewhere.

The fact that this issue with the floor lamps is a safety issue should be taken seriously by Wyze. Others are having the same cracking issue and God forbid they experience melting that causes a fire in their home, then Wyze will be facing legal action and probably a class action.