Wyze Floodlight not allowing Camera to Connect - Suspect 2.4 GHZ channel interference

Have a question about the Wyze Floodlight. I bought one when they were released in November. It installed easily and worked well for about 2 and a half months until the second firmware release came out. The release installed properly but would not let me activate the device from the Wyze App. (Error 90). Always stalls in phase one of the three phase login. It’s been reset, back-reved on firmware with the same results. I have a Google Nest mesh network with four points (actually routers) with network connectivity thru Comcast with an Arris SB8200 DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem. Connectivity from Google Home shows 400 MbS down and 13 up. All points have Great Connectivity. All Wyze devices; bulbs, (cameras v3’s) work really well, except for this one. I disconnect the V3 from the PIR and run it individually from its own power supply and it configures and runs fine. I install a new v3 right next to the floodlight and it installs just fine. I connect the new one to the Floodlight PIR and it gets an error 90. So, the motion detector in the PIR uses the 2.4 GHZ band for its motion sensing radar. Am suspecting channel interference from the PIR. Wyze tech support has been of no help. They want me to call Google and have them force my Pixel to 2.4 GHZ. I keep telling them it makes no difference and that the Wyze app works just fine with my other Wyze bulbs and cameras. Am beginning to think the only thing I can do is replace the floodlight with a new one. I am reluctant because that’s a little bit of change and Wyze should do it under warranty. Looks like it’s not going to happen

How are you disconnecting the cam from the floodlight body, I don’t think it comes off…

Also, the PIR uses heat to sense motion, there’s nothing wireless involved.

Did this issue start when you replaced your router or just randomly. Have you deleted the floodlight from the app and set it back up?

You are right, it doesn’t come off but it unplugs. I used a regular power cable that came with the new V3 and plugged it into a wall socket bypassing the floodlight. I understand that PIR stands for Passive Infrared and that no electromagnet energy should be emitted. However, the disadvantages of PIR is that that they don’t work very well at night or in extreme temperature shifts. Don’t really understand PIR in Wyze’s context. Is it a true PIR. My WiFI network is and has been installed for quite some time. As I said, the device was fully functional after initial installation and stayed so until firmware update. Other v3’s are still fully functional and remain so. The device has been removed from the app multiple times and reinstalled.

Are you talking about the USB port on the back of the PIR module for an extra camera, or the cam that sits right on top of the PIR module?

Cam that sits on top

I’m curious how you were able to unplug it and use a diffrent cable, it’s wired into the camera and the floodlight.

The floodlight cam does come off. Just pull it up light a regular V3 (which it is), and you will see a mounting screw to remove.

The power connection is a normal V3 pigtail, minus the usual waterproof boot. That’s because the floodlight provides the waterproof seal. So just unplug it from the PIR housing.

There is no motion sensing radar, the floodlight uses PIR (Passive Infrared) to see warm objects moving around.

If the current V3 works with a different power supply, and another V3 in that location works, I would wonder about the power being passed from the floodlight to the camera. Do you have a 5V USB power checker to see what is available there? Replacing the floodlight may be necessary. Isn’t the warranty a year?


wow. I am having this EXACT same problem. Did Wyze ever supply a fix or did you get it replaced under warranty? I don’t think I have any interference simply because nothing in my setup has changed. It just stopped working (the camera, not the light).

I had Wyze tell me for a third time to go to Google to fix the issue. I had enough, so I went to Home Depot and purchased another one and installed it. I works just fine. So now I’m working with Wyze support to get a replacement so I can bring it back to Home Depot as a return. Installation went smooth as silk, BTW.

interesting - what does Google have to do with this?

also, how did you manage a return to HD? I don’t have the box it came in anymore.

My LAN is Google Nest mesh. If something doesn’t work, blame it on the network. I bought a new one from HD. Installed it and it works. The replacement I get from Wyze is going back to HD as a return.