Wyze Floodlight cycling on and off

I have a Wyze Floodlight/Cam V3 combo installed on my front porch. The camera stopped working (wouldnt connect to network), so I swapped out the camera only. New camera had same issue. I stopped using the direct plug to the floodlight base,and switched to using the USB connection port. Camera now works perfectly, but after dark, the floodlights cycle on and off constantly. Being connected to the USB port instead of the direct connection, i do not have the ability to control the lights from the app. Currently, I am turning off power to the entire unit at night because the constant cycling of the floodlights is annoying. Anyone experiencing this, or have a fix???

I, too, have the very same problem. Without any event occurring, (e.g., no motion or sound detection), the floodlight cycles throughout the night. This does not happen during daylight hours.

I removed power from the unit hoping to reset whatever glitch might be causing the problem. No luck.

I called Wyze Support. After the agent, (Irish), put me on hold so she could check with her technical support. They offered no trouble-shooting resolution and that it appeared to be a defective unit. Here’s where the severe disappointment in the Wyze company begins . . .

Irish asked for a photo of the MAC address of the floodlight. There is none. Only the camera itself, and not the floodlight, has a MAC address. She was unsure if providing the MAC address of the camera was going to suffice.

Subsequent conversation with Irish revealed that Wyze no longer sends out replacement units, they only send out checks in lieu of physical units. How they determine that specific amount is unknown to me. My guess is they also get to ignore such messy details such as any taxes involved in the initial purchase.

The next obstacle thrown up is their demand for an original receipt. That was months ago and any printed receipts have long been discarded. Why this is a requirement is a mystery to me. The app has the things like MAC addresses, when the device was installed, logged events, and probably information about me I’d rather Wyze not have. Without a receipt, the whole process shuts down, and any warrantees are null and void. It appears this mechanism is only in place to avoid having to honor warrantees.

Obstacle next: I asked to speak to her supervisor. Nope, nope, and hell nope. No can do. What??!? I asked who her boss was and the response was astounding . . . she said, “The president of Wyze”. Wow! talk about a flat organization!!! In reality, they don’t even have a real-time escalation process in place. Whoever designed the Wyze “customer support” processes apparently had no real experience is customer care, or, that the management team chooses to ignore a better customer experience.

Their escalation process is that the agent will inform somebody up the chain to reach out to me, get this, “via email!”. Astounding. By intentional design, Wyze has built a wall between themselves and their customers. Unbelievable.

At this time I await to be emailed by someone from the company. So much for Wyze following industry best practices.

They have my phone number if someone wants to call me.

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I’ve gone through many frustrations with Wyze customer support over the years. The founders admitted they failed us a while back in a video and promised to make it better, yet it hasn’t gotten better. What would make it better, is if they stopped releasing so many new products because more products means more customer support issues. They should have just worked on a few products, making them bulletproof, then expand with a few more. And this outsourceing of customer support to the Philippines or China has got to stop.

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I have the same situation where the floodlight cycles on for no reason. And when it shuts off after 5 minutes it’s on again in about 2 minutes. Never had a problem until about a week ago. Prior to that all was well. Customer service is questionable at best. If you hear of a solution please pass it on.

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