Wyze Floodlight Does Not Go Off - 2 weeks and still waiting on a return, jumping through hoops

I am pretty upset. I purchased my 2nd wyze floodlight back in sept #US-3178845. Finally got around to installing it in November only to find out the floodlight would not turn off or adjust brightness in any way. After multiple attempts and updating, resetting and rewiring the device, I finally put in a ticket #2522335. Weeks going back and forth on check this, fill out this form, send me screen shots of that, send me this info, try this, reboot, etc. They finally agree to send me a new unit or gift card but tell me they need the mac ID. I send them more pictures and screenshots which they say don’t include the mac id. I said “Can’t you look it up from the order ID?” “No we can’t. Send us a the mac ID.” After two weeks I’m pretty frustrated and I tell them I have sent them everything I have, not going to pull out the ladder again and climb up to the corner of my roof to get them more info. If I bought this off amazon or walmart, I would have had a return in 2 days. “Sorry” they say. Your return cannot be processed. Start a chat session today and told them same thing by another support person. I’m really frustrated here. Wyze should be able to get all the details from the customer order number rather than making the customer fill out forms and collect data for a device that does not work out of the box.

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Got contacted by Chris from the Wyze Wizards after escalting my ticket. He quickly saw the situation had spun out of control, sent me a shipping label to return my floodlight and cross-shipped a new floodlight to me. Great recover, Wyze!!!


Thank you for the update @cvhyatt.

I saw your post yesterday with all of the information and escalated. Glad the Wyze team was able to get back with you so quickly and get you squared away.