Wyze Floodlight Cam will not read QR code

I have purchased 2 of the new floodlight cams. Both will not read the QR code on initial setup. I’ve tried an iphone and an ipad, I’ve done a screenshot of the QR code and printed it on paper so that its larger. I’ve tried reading the QR code in daylight and at night. Just now I brought on of the cameras inside, connected it to power with a standard power cord and tried both the iphone and the ipad. Nothing works. Are the any known bugs with these camera’s that would prevent them from reading the QR code?

The biggest known problem is people leaving the protective shipping film on the lens. :slight_smile: So make sure you peel that off.

Other than that, I think I usually hold the phone about 3" from the lens and move it out slowly until the camera recognizes it. It shouldn’t be a big problem, so hopefully yours is the shipping film on the lens.

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Thanks for the reply and I wish it was something as simple as that. The shipping film has been removed from both cameras.

Have you pressed the reset button on the bottom of the camera? You have to do that to start the process.

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One issue I had was trying to get the camera to read the QR Code in Direct sunlight. The camera could not see the QR code because it was being blinded by the sun. I had a helper shadow the sunlight and I was able to get the Camera to read the code.

I ran into another forum member that was having the same issue and I suggested the shadowing but their solution was to screen shot the QR code and print it on a large 8.5x11 paper and that solved the issue.

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@R.Good thanks for the suggestion. I had the same suspicion regarding the sunlight, so I tried to get the camera setup at night and the last thing I tried was to bring the camera inside and plug it into the wall with a regular power cord. I also read the post where they printed the QR code on a piece of paper. I tried that with no sucess.

@frbird were you able to get these to read the QR code? I am having the same issue, I tired two phones and was doing it in the daytime and dark without success. I may try the printing it larger, but I see from your post that did not work for you. kind of frustrating I have tried to reach out to support but have not heard from them as of yet.

Well, I sort of solved it. These were purchased for my mother and so I was using her phone / ipad to get the cameras connected. I finally gave up and brought one home to mess with as I had time. At my house I plugged the floodlight cam into a wall outlet and tried registering with my personal phone and my account. The stupid thing read the QR code instantly. My only guess is that the camera had an issue with my Mom’s glossy screen protector, although the ipad does not have one, as my phone has more of a matte screen protector. This does not explain why printing the QR code on paper wasn’t successful though.