Wyze Floodlight Cam Requires WiFi for floodlight to activate

Wyze needs to adjust the firmware to allow the floodlights IR sensor to sense darkness and turn on when WiFi is down. I consider this a huge issue. Especially in rural areas where WiFi is sketchy. I was going to buy another floodlight…I think I will hold off on a purchase until Wyze fixes the issue.

Hmm I didn’t know this

I will test this out and see if it’s true

But I assume it’s like the other devices , you initially need to connect it to the wifi , connects to the server, and can be disconnected to work as intended without wifi like the T-stat

Mine works normaly without WiFi. You need to be connected to WiFi at startup, but if it goes down the PIR will still work. Make sure to set it to use PIR for the light, not camera motion


How do we change the setting?


On the live view click the settings :gear: In the upper right corner. Then go to Accessories > Floodlight. On this page:

Make sure only the option I have checked is checked. Let me know if it works for you when you unplug your router :slight_smile:

Not sure if this makes any diffrence but in my case when I tested the WiFi was still available, there was just no internet.

Not so according to Wyze tech support


Lawrence (Wyze)

Jul 23, 2022, 7:47 AM PDT

Hello Thomas,

Thank you for the prompt response. I understand that you were looking for a standalone floodlight. Unfortunately, the Wyze Floodlight doesn’t have that feature since it’s just an added accessory for the Wyze Cam v3. The reason why we pointed you out to our wishlist forum is for our engineers to further review the possible features we could add to our existing or future devices. We apologize if we did not meet your expectation with our product. In the meantime, let us know if there’s anything else we can assist you with.

Thank you for being part of Wyze!


Lawrence | Wyze Wizard



It looks like you got a bad answer from Wyze Support. Please let us know if the helpful info posted by @IEatBeans works for you.

If so, please provide us with the ticket number from your interaction with Wyze Support. Once we have the ticket number, we can pass this up the chain so that the Wyze Wizard can be counseled on what should have been the correct response in this case.



So is Wi-Fi required or not? I’d like to buy this but the Wi-Fi signal where my current flood light has a poor connection. Can I still install it in the correct place and then hook up to the Wi-Fi in the app where my signal is better?

If you have poor WiFi connection where you intend to put it, you don’t want a smart floodlight. This thread is about if the light will work when internet goes down, but if you always have bad WiFi there none of the features will work.