Turning Wyze floodlights on when no Wifi available

I have Wyze floodlights installed around the house…Recently due to a storm our Wifi went out completely and it will take nearly a week to have a technician come out to fix…In the meantime is there a way to manually turn on the floodlights at night? It seems I should have purchased the flood light and the wifi based security camera separately… instead of all in one….

I suppose you can swap your original floodlight back in the meantime… I still keep mine just in case.

When one of my floodlights went offline during a deep freeze, the light would still turn on with motion detection, but until I reset it I couldn’t turn it on manually.

Yea, the floodlights should still turn on and off with motion even while offline, but you need an internet connection to control it manually.

You could factory reset the floodlight and set it up again using a mobile hotspot if you want, but it may be too much work than it’s worth

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Yea if you have the floodlight set to turn on by camera , sound , or pir sensor detection the floodlights will still turn on. My WiFi is currently out rn bc of an outage in the area but the floodlights still turned on when I walked out in front of it. Mines set to turn on by camera and pir sensor detection


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