Floodlight vs Floodlight Pro functionality without Wi-Fi

For the original Cam Floodlight, I am pretty sure that if the floodlight has been set to detect motion with just the PIR sensor, then the light will still turn on with motion in the event of a prolonged Wi-Fi outage. Can someone confirm this?

Since the new Cam Floodlight Pro does not have a PIR sensor and must use the camera for motion detection, I am wondering if the the light will still turn on with motion in the event of a Wi-Fi outage? I read that the new camera in this floodlight has onboard AI, so I am not sure whether it still needs Wi-Fi to detect the motion to turn on the light.

I can’t seem to get a clear answer on this from Wyze support so any help would be greatly appreciated. I am asking because I am looking to get either the Floodlight or Floodlight Pro for a property that is not always equipped with Wi-Fi. I would like for the motion-activated light functionality of the floodlight to work when I don’t have Wi-Fi so that there is visibility if someone walks by at night.


The Floodlight Activation on the FLP is done by the Onboard AI native to the cam. It does not require Internet to operate.

To confirm this, I blocked WiFi access to the FLP within my Router and confirmed that the cam was Offline within the Wyze App.

With the Floodlight Settings set to activate 24hr\day on Person Detection, the Cam detected me and turned on the lights for the prescribed 3m I have it set for. Because the cam was blocked from the WiFi and offline, no event was uploaded to the cloud.


Awesome, thanks for testing this out! Will definitely consider getting the FLP then. Hopefully someone else can confirm if the original floodlight works in this case as well.