Wyze Cam Floodlight and Cam Plus Lite

Can I use Cam Plus Lite license on the camera came with Wyze Cam Floodlight?

Yes. Cam Plus Lite is compatible with the V3 Cam that comes with the original Wyze Floodlight.

One thing to keep in mind is when you have your floodlight set to turn on by camera motion detection, Cam Plus Lite is not going to allow motion detection during the 5-minute cooldown period.

What I did was to set my floodlight to turn on for 5 minutes whenever the camera detected motion.

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Can you set the floodlight IR sensor to trigger the recording? If so:

  1. Is there is cooldown?
  2. Can IR sensor work during daytime?

I haven’t tried that because one of my floodlights is mounted high up and so PIR sensor cannot detect any approach until it’s almost right under. I have it set to camera motion detection along with PIR sensor motion detection.

EDIT: I misread your post and thought you were only asking about having motion detection turning on the floodlight. No, as @SlabSlayer said, the PIR sensor cannot trigger event video upload during the Cam Plus Lite cooldown period.

You can, however, set up Sound Detection as an “additional” detection, but if your floodlight is outdoor most likely it’ll get triggered all the time. It will, however, have its own 5-Min cooldown period.

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As I recall, the Floodlights can be set to be activated by either the PIR and\or the cam motion detection. However, the uploads of Event videos or still image snapshots to the cloud, regardless of subscription plan, is triggered only by the cam motion detection. The PIR plays no part in triggering upload events.

Am I correct in understanding that the PIR Sensor can’t trigger an event upload at all, regardless if the cam is within the CPL Cooldown or not? That only the cam video detecting motion triggers an uploaded Event?

I’ve tried to test this but it’s hard to trigger the PIR sensor without the camera seeing the motion. I suppose I can cover the camera and see if the floodlight would turn on when I walk by.

I wish there’s a PIR sensor history log so I can see if something was detected by the sensor. That would make testing easier.

You could set the camera detection zone to one square on the corner and turn the sensitivity down (assuming the camera and PIR sensitivity settings are separate)

What if I have the Cam Plus paid subscription? Can PIR trigger event and upload a video clip to cloud?

Here is my situation:

There are lot of trees in the area I like to put the floodlight and camera. When there is a light wind, the camera motion detection would give a false reading. I wonder if I can use the PIR for detection instead of the camera motion detection.

Generally no, but indirectly yes.

I got some help from the Team… the V1 Floodlight is an accessory to the V3 Cam. That means that the floodlights turning on are triggered by the PIR sensor contained in the floodlights or by the cam motion detection. But the PIR is a component of the lights, not the cam.

The Motion Detection for “automatic” Video Uploads (the ones that will get tagged with Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite Smart Detection tags), however, is only driven by the Cam itself detecting motion. It cannot be triggered by the PIR sensor. The PIR sensor will only turn on the lights. Therefore, the subscription wouldn’t matter.

However, there is a way to force an upload indirectly by PIR detected motion. It will NOT go thru the AI Engine so it will not get tagged with any object tags, but if you have Cam Plus, it will send you a notification of a “Smart Alert” on the cam and post a 12s “Automation” Event Video in the Events tab. Unfortunately, Automation Events can only be seen in the Events tab if all filters are off.

Here is how it would work: Set the floodlights to activate only by the PIR sensor. Create a rule that would trigger when the floodlights turn on. The action will be to upload a short video to the cloud on that cam or any other cam you choose.

Also, there are no rule triggers for the PIR sensor.

Does PIR work/turn on the floodlight at daytime?

Good point. No. The floodlights only activate when it is dark so PIR Activation of the floodlights is only when it is dark also. The above scenario is only useful at night. And, since the settings can’t be toggled thru automations, it would be a daily hassle.

Yeah, that’s why I’m still waiting for a Wyze outdoor motion sensor I can use to trigger my floodlights.

In the meantime I do have solar motion lights (from Amazon) that would turn on at night whenever someone approaches, thus ensuring an event upload even though I have camera motion detection level set low. You can try to see if this setup can help limit tree movement videos.