Keep floodlight operable when camera is off on floodlights

I help seniors with devices, my uncle has subscribed to the cam plus and has many of your floodlight cameras around his house. It is vital that the motion detectors and such stay operating the floodlights working even if the cameras are not recording.

I’ll put a second report in another spot, as it is different but would help with this issue.

This might be possible with the original floodlight since it has a PIR sensor on it that could continue to operate the lights, but it might be mostly impossible with the Floodlight Pro since motion is determined by the camera. If the camera is off, it can’t detect motion.

However, I will say that I have had a floodlight pro go offline (no Internet connection) and keep turning on the lights with motion even though there was no Internet.

Also, both could possibly be updated to allow schedules t to operate the lights without the camera on. For example, if the lights are extremely critical, then instead of relying on motion detection, you could just schedule them to stay on from sunset to sunrise. So that could be an option too.


I believe the lights go out even if they are scheduled to be on when I turn them off… checking… the floodlight pro stayed on, the other floodlight cams turned off when I hit the off.

we use the floodlight cams to power our older reolink cameras that stop working over the winter.


One thing I noticed when I was testing different firmware trying to debug playback audio issue for the Wyze Cam Floodlight, I disconnected the Cam V3 from the Floodlight and the light / PIR still works.