Wyze Flood Light and External Mounting with a Plug

Was watching a Youtube Video for mounting the Wyze Flood Light in an area where there is no Box or existing flood light. Thought this was interesting as I saw some individuals could not mount it where it was, this could be an alternative:


Thanks for sharing, I’m probably going to do this in a couple of places. I was trying to figure out how I was going to set up floodlights in a couple of places that need floodlights (and cameras) but I don’t have a junction box or wiring there. Now I can just do this. :slight_smile: Problem solved. Very helpful, thanks.

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Just to follow up, I did end up doing this for one of my floodlights and it works so great! This was so helpful! Without this I would be missing a floodlight over my driveway because the wiring there is not functioning in this new house I bought a year ago. I just pulled it out and replaced with an extension cord that I plug in inside my garage. I am so happy to finally have a floodlight there!


Hi Carver

Could you share some pictures ?

I’m also planning on doing this , but would need to figure out everything from placement , “junction box” , wiring , etc .

I already had a junction box and everything already set up. I just had to pull out the old wires (I capped the old ones just in case), and then pushed the new ones through that little junction box hole. Honestly, I just followed the video.

At the moment my garage door is inoperable because one of the springs snapped, so I’m waiting on our Home Warranty company to come replace it, and I am not particularly anxious to carry a ladder from there all around my house and unscrew the floodlight and show the inside wiring right now, but assure you I just did exactly as the above video shows and I was so happy that it worked as expected! Now I can set up a bunch of Floodlight cams without having to call an electrician to charge me a ton of money to do the install.

Ahh I thought your case scenario was that you didn’t have previous wiring or a junction box , i misread

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Oh, my bad for not being clear earlier. I DO have other places I want to do this where I don’t yet have previous wiring or junctions boxes (West side and North Side of the house), so I will be doing that eventually, but so far I just did it with one that was wired by using an extension cord instead of normal wiring. Next step will be to do as you mentioned including creating a junction box. I’ll take pictures when I set that up. :slight_smile:

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