Floodlight plug-in mount with extension cord

I searched the wishlist and could not find anything like this…
I recently purchased the Wyze Floodlight with cam V3 to install on the outside of my garage so that it would be overlooking the driveway to watch my cars.
I later realized that since I do not have an existing light outside I will have to make a hole in the wall to install an electrical box and hire an electrician to run a new circuit to the wall /electrical box.

I looked around online and found out that there are some weatherproof electrical boxes that a diy person can install and I also found a plug-in mount for the Ring brand floodlight mount but it’s not available for Wyze. It would be great if Wyze offered a plug in mount (weatherproof of course) with a long (20 ft at least) extension cord like the Ring Floodlight w/cam does. It would make installation of the floodlight so easy and you’d have an extra accessory to make money on like Ring does :grin:

Update: here’s screenshots of the plug-in mount I talked about