Floodlight plug-in mount with extension cord

I searched the wishlist and could not find anything like this…
I recently purchased the Wyze Floodlight with cam V3 to install on the outside of my garage so that it would be overlooking the driveway to watch my cars.
I later realized that since I do not have an existing light outside I will have to make a hole in the wall to install an electrical box and hire an electrician to run a new circuit to the wall /electrical box.

I looked around online and found out that there are some weatherproof electrical boxes that a diy person can install and I also found a plug-in mount for the Ring brand floodlight mount but it’s not available for Wyze. It would be great if Wyze offered a plug in mount (weatherproof of course) with a long (20 ft at least) extension cord like the Ring Floodlight w/cam does. It would make installation of the floodlight so easy and you’d have an extra accessory to make money on like Ring does :grin:

Update: here’s screenshots of the plug-in mount I talked about

“Plug-In” version for Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro

For those of us who don’t have an option for electrical wiring outside, would love to see a version of this product that plugs into a regular power outlet please. Corded. Thank you!! :slight_smile:


I just followed these steps from LifeHackster:

I’ve done this several times. I have 6 Floodlight Pros mounted around my house now.

I used this Junction box for under $7 right now:

Cut off the end of any size extension cord, stick it through one of those holes, and screw in the sealer plugs on all the other holes:

Then Just screw the box onto the wall and plug the cord into an outlet.

It works great. I’ve done it with lots of Floodlight Pros already.

I put this one at the back-corner of my backyard wall so I have one facing back toward the house, instead of always AWAY from the house:

(the cord clips are an ingenious thing…I drilled a tiny hole in the brick, then took some tiny wooden dowel pins and hammered it into the hole, then I can nail the wire clips into the wood instead of into brick. :wink:

This one is using an extension cord, but it goes back into the brick and plugs into my garage so you can’t even tell that it is using an extension cord:

This one is hung by an obvious extension cord but I like how the wiring weaves through the mortar cracks. I do have a few wire clips in there to hold it up/in-place in case of wind, etc.

This one is already setup and put together and about to be installed. I just need to drill 2 holes in my brick wall and screw it in. I just installed everything inside my house, and now It will take all of about 5 minutes once the ladder is up…Drill a hole in the wall, pop in a little wall anchor, and screw it in. I’ve already done it so many times it only takes a few minutes. Really simple.

Also, once you mount it on the wall, if you are using an extension cord through one of the front holes (use one of the bottom holes), I’d just recommend squeezing some silicone sealant or caulk around the hole the extension cord goes into, and then use at least 1 wire-clip somewhere near the top of the extension cord so that it holds the wire up from gravity and wind stress.

My self-mounting solution only cost me: Extension cord (price varies depending on the length (mostly, I used these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0BZD4WYVS ), and the $7 Junction Box to mount on the wall. No expensive electrician needed, and it was WAY more simple than I thought it would be. I am extremely grateful to LifeHackster for the idea. It’s been invaluable.

I’ve had some of My floodlights setup with extension cords now since they launched, and they’ve been amazing. Like I said, I’m up to 6 of these now, because I can install them ANYWHERE. They’re my favorite camera on the market. They’re so awesome.


Thank you!!

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Will definitely be trying this! Appreciate you very much!! :slight_smile:

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Sure! Show us a picture when you get yours setup and what you thought. I was impressed that it was way easier than I had feared. Once I found it really was that simple, I started adding a bunch more and am super happy about it. It would be nice to hear from someone else who tries it. Let me know what you think. :+1:


Will do!!

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When I originally posted this I had already purchased the waterproof electrical box and ordered the Ring plug-in kit since it was specifically designed for outdoor use and it is 20 ft long for $19. I used only the cable out of the kit but worked perfectly.

All this is great BUT :peach: it would be even better if Wyze came out with their own plug-in kit that includes the mount like Ring does as this eliminates the need for the electrical box. So please :pray: keep voting!!!

I would also like to see Wyze come out with their own adapter or outdoor extension cord for it

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