How to mount the floodlight onto a standard electrical box?

Just got my floodlight cam. I was excited to install it by simply removing my old motion floodlight and replacing it with the Wyze. The trouble is, the diameter of the Wyze mount is 5" and my electrical box is a “standard” one that’s only about 4".

It would appear that the Wyze floodlight is intended to be surface mounted to a recessed electrical box. Surely I’m not the first person needing to install this on a surface mounted electrical box.

Anyone have any bright (no pun intended) to help my get this floodlight installed?

It’s designed for a recessed one, and if you use a surface mounted one the backing won’t be waterproof. As long as you can get it screwed in you can use some caulk or something to seal it up.

I guess you need a round plastic or metal plate that fits inside the floodlight base that you could seal against water intrusion. That would seal the base and then you could attach it to the mounting bracket in the electrical box.

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I was thinking about that and in fact found an air duct flap that would probably fit, but it seemed complicated. I ended up finding some slightly larger gaskets that hopefully seal the larger base against the smaller electrical box.

It’s rather disappointing that Wyze has made this so difficult by not making the base easily compatible with standard sized surface mount bases. I suspect most of us have surface mount electrical boxes. I know other floodlight manufacturers have compatible bases.