Wyze cam floodlight installation issues...no gasket for round electrical box

I purchased two Wyze cam floodlights, but when I tried to install them, by replacing an older security cam floodlight, I had issues.
Basically, when installing onto a round 4” weatherproof electrical box, it does not seal.
The Momentum floodlight cam, that I removed, had a portion of the base that sealed to the 4 inch round waterproof electrical box.
What do you suggest?
Please advise.

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I just installed one with the same issue - there’s about 1/4" gap between the back of the floodlight base and the wall/electrical box. I plan to look for a gasket or weatherseal tape at the hardware store.

Yeah same issue here. It needs to be mounted to a 5" junction box. I found a 5" adapter plate but it still leaves a small gap. I can’t believe they never thought of this because not everyone has a flush mount box. I don’t recall seeing any documentation that stated you need a 5" box.