Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro - Mounting bracket foam grommet issue & screws too short

I ordered two Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro’s the day they released.

One is installed, the other is still on my desk, to be installed at a later date.

Both Wyze Cam Flood Light Pros are replacing an Amcrest SmartHome 2MP WiFi Camera Floodlight Built-in Siren ASH26-W

Upon uninstalling the Amcrest Floodlight, I thought I’d use the existing Amcrest Bracket, as it was already in place, and once less thing to remove. No go, as the two were different sizes.

I removed the Amcrest Bracket, held it up to the Wyze Bracket and noticed the Amcrest Grommet was once continues piece with what appears to be small opening below for any moisture to drain out of the junction box.

The Wyze Bracket comprised of multiple pieces with four areas where it appears that moisture might be able to enter the junction box from above and the sides of the installed Wyze Cam Floodlight.

From two other angles on the Wyze Flood Light Pro mounting bracket, I can see where moisture could enter the junction box:

Both sides of the mounting bracket had gaps in the grommet.

Hopefully once the grommet is compressed the gaps will disappear and keep any moisture out. But, if that is the case, the small gap on the bottom at the 6 o’clock will also compress, preventing any moisture from draining? Should I cut a larger gap at the 6 o’clock as is seen on the Amcrest mounting bracket? Should I fill in the other gaps with some sort of water sealant compound?

The other issues was the screws supplied by Wyze were not long enough for the junction box that was in place. I had to use the screws supplied by Amcrest that were used for that their model. If I had not had those available to me, It would of meant a 20 minute trip to the hardware store to find longer screws.


That said, I’m happy for the most part with the Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro for the following reasons:

These now ‘fit’ into my Wyze Ecosystem of devices, having the two Amcrest devices on a separate app was a pain

I can turn the floodlight off and on using my Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen). (could not do so with the Amcrest floodlight

The Ambient Light feature is a great feature.

I can more easily use rules with this device to work with other Wyze Devices (Wyze needs to expand upon/improve triggers involving this device and other Wyze Devices)


You could. I considered drilling the tiniest hole in the bottom of my FLPro, but decided against it. One of my FLPros is very exposed to the most direct direction of all our storms, and it’s held up really well in some pretty big ones recently, so I feel pretty good about it now. My personal opinion is that you should leave it exactly the way Wyze manufactured it during the entire duration of the Warranty. Then if there is a problem and it needs to be replaced, you will be above reproach from thoughts of it being your fault. After the warranty period ends, if you still have doubts, then consider making a small hole if you still want to. That’s my advice…wait until the warranty is over before considering any modifications.

I had this issue with one of my junction boxes too. I had to run to lowes to buy longer screws to work correctly for the Junction box I had. One set of screws I also had to get thicker-sized screws for too. Ah well, it happens. I decided it less Wyze’s fault, than the previous homeowner that set up the junction boxes in a non-standard way. The other FLPros I got fit just fine with included materials, just not the 1 FLPro.

Totally agree with this, SJ! Mostly I love the FLPro a lot! I currently have 4, and am tempted to get more. There are things they’ll hopefully work on a little, but overall they’re my favorite Wyze device so far.

And with any outside light housing installation, the top half of the box should always be sealed from water entry with a silicone sealer. In fact most instructions with outside lights usually say to do this.

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