Hi there,

I just got my first Wyze Pan Cam, and was trying to set up some IFTTT but seem to have some issue or question on how to properly set it up.

What I am trying to set up, is that when 2 people leave my apartment, Wyze will start Motion Detecting.

I found a nice IFTTT for it:
If: Everyone Left
Then: Start Motion detection

While setting this IFTTT up however, it asks me which user group (I can select between Guests, Family, Kids, Help, Everyone)

  1. How do I assing specific Device names to user groups? in Fing I can’t seem to assign my iPhone to any usergroup, and the other person neither. So how will IFTTT know it should start when 2 phone leave, instead of waiting for all devices to disconnect to my wifi? (tv, laptops, fire tv etc)


It sounds like you are asking about the IF (trigger) side of the IFTTT applet. You might have better luck trying to post the question on an IFTTT or Fing forum. Just a thought.

This is a Fingbox issue.

Ya, think I’d need a Flingbox for it, instead of just the app :slight_smile:
thanks for responses