Multiple Ifttt applets with Wyze

So I’m using Ifttt Applets to automatically turn on and off motion detection based on if my phone is connected to wifi. It works perfectly as when I leave home it automatically starts motion detection.

But I’m pretty new to Ifttt so I have a quick question how multiple ifttt applets work amongst each other and how one takes precident over the other.

So I already have 2 applets

  1. Turns on motion detection when I leave the house based on my wifi
  2. Turns off motion detection when my phone connects to my home wifi.

Say I want to create a 3rd applet that turns on detection from 10 PM to 7 am… how would the 2nd and 3rd applet work in conjunction cause technically for that time period they contradict each other.

Rather than use IFTTT for time based actions, I’d use the Shortcuts feature in the app.

In either case, whichever action was triggered last would be the mode you’d be in. If the actions were triggered at the exact same time, then who knows.

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Sounds good

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