Wyze faq about video doorbell giving wrong info

So in frequently asked questions on wyze it ask if the video doorbell can be connected without having an existing doorbell and the response from wyze says no but i know this info is incorrect. In fact i connected mine to a DC adapter and plugged it directly in wall and it worked fine…Wyze support really
should fix that because im sure it has stopped ppl from buying the doorbell thinking they cant connect it…


For testing inside, I use the micro USB. However, using that outside will void the warranty. You would need a transformer and then run the wires to the location where the doorbell is.

Alternatively, you could use a wall outlet with a doorbell adapter and then connect the wires to the screws on the VDB.


As @spamoni said, it definitely works using the MicroUSB port, but officially using it that way voids the warranty. Presumably the testing showed it is much more protected from the elements when properly installed using existing doorbell wiring. They don’t want to mislead or encourage people to use it in a way that did not pass the proper certification tests from the elements.

Having said that, I know the risks and choose to use mine on MicroUSB all the time and it works fine, though I pretty much exclusively do that indoors. If a person is going to mount it in a place that they are confident will never have problems with rain, snow, extreme wind splashing water behind the cracks, sprinklers, etc…then using a microUSB connection should be fine, just know that it won’t be covered under the warranty anymore.

Wyze will still let us use our devices however we want (thank you Wyze for not disabling the MicroUSB port), but they also don’t want us to mistakenly believe there are no risks from doing so. For liability purposes and warranty purposes they tell us it can only be done in the official way…for those who don’t care about the warranty coverage, these are useful in lots of other ways, for example there are lots of people who install them onto RV’s, etc. Pretty awesome use cases.