Undisclosed Wyze Video Doorbell Port? New use cases

It’s my first post to the forums - so go easy on me :slight_smile:

I recently installed and reviewed the Wyze Video Doorbell on my channel. I wasn’t incredibly amazed by it like I have been some of their other products, though it had potential. I got some serious shade on the Facebook community for saying out loud what I’m reading every day on here about it’s issues.

I was going to break it open to see how it ticked, and I noticed there was a hidden MicroUSB port under a sticky pad on the back. I haven’t seen this documented or talked about anywhere yet.

I made a quick video of my findings and put them on my YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/C1mu1dbilOU

Note: This video is not monetized and does not contain any affiliate links. Just providing info on this discovery to the larger group. If you’re having trouble with your 16V AC transformer installs, maybe try MicroUSB power like the rest of the Wyze line up? All functions appear to work perfectly on MicroUSB.

Let me know what you think of these alternative use cases or if you can think of others.


This is an awesome video with lots of cool use case ideas.

Before the doorbell officially launched, there were several leaked pictures of an early beta version showing the micro-usb port was there. I thought they removed it for production. I’m pleased to see it is still there!

I’d intended to use one of these for my office, or bedroom and some other places, but I thought I’d have to cut a cord at the end and attach them to the terminals. Anyone could do that with any other video doorbell still, but these are more affordable. Having the micro-USB port is just super convenient for all these use cases.

Great video. I hope you will post your hybrid project when you complete it.

You say you’re replacing the VDB lens with a V3 Starlight len? I would love to see how that turns out!
It’s nice to see

Welcome @TheNetGuyDotCom!
This will definitely have many uses, but remember it will void your warranty(including replacements). More information here:

Nice find!
I need to get a video doorbell and would love if it could be Wyze. I need it to record 24/7, even if at lower video/audio quality.

I wonder if it’s technically possible for the Wyze video doorbell to stream the video/audio over WIFI or this USB port …or if the micro-USB port is OTG, and could allow to add a USB memory to it. (my installation use case is specific, so I can have all sorts of guts on the inside of the apartment. I would have tried repackaging a Wyze-cam if it supported a button and the protocols LoL)

It would be nice if I could get the piece of mind that some enablement is coming, so I could start purchasing and installing the Wyze doorbell in the meantime.
I do not mind about warranty, but care about quality and commitment to customer privacy, and that’s why I would love it if I could use the Wyze doorbell.

A Wyze-cam next to the doorbell would not be aceptable by the apartment’s association, so I’m expressing my hope to be able to use the Wyze doorbell with ‘some’ local recording capability. I’m already researching video doorbells that do such, but I want to use Wyze, I really want it to be Wyze.