Wyze Employee Spotlight - Maxim Komleu

Name: Maxim Komleu
Pronoun: He/Him/His
Team: Mobile software engineering
Role: Senior Software Engineer


1. Why did you choose Wyze (Why Wyze)?

Actually, my story with Wyze began when I heard from my friend about a new player in the home monitoring market. At the time, I was working for a company that was developing high quality security cameras and services. I was so impressed with the price of Wyze Cams and the quality of the product. They weren’t inferior to more expensive competitors. So after talking to other Wyze people, I was convinced that the company’s strategy and my goals coincided. So I became the first Wyze mobile developer who works in Seattle. Honestly, this helped me participate in multiple projects not only as an engineer but as an architect. I was able to meet smart, inspired, and interesting people and I still feel the same after working here for more than one year.

2. What team are you on and what do they do?

I work for our mobile team leading the iOS team. I think we have an important role in the company since we are in front and engage users. We are building Wyze mobile apps (Android and iOS). We make first impressions. So if you are a person who loves challenges, you can become one who is changing stereotypes. :slight_smile:

3. How long have you been with Wyze and what do you do here?

I’ve been working for Wyze almost 1.5 years. In this time, I developed VoIP for our video doorbells, created developer environments that made it easier to on-board new devs, and I participated in multiple interesting projects like Wyze Home Monitoring, Cam Plus Pro, and our security initiatives. But I’m mostly involved with the camera streaming department and we have a challenging project for the cameras.

4. What’s your favorite thing about working at Wyze?

People! Interesting, smart, and modern. And of course a chance to work on interesting challenges with those people. At this stage, Wyze gives a lot of opportunity for creativity: to invent or integrate something new and sometimes unusual.

5. How have Wyze product(s) impacted your life?

Not only me but also my family, my parents, and friends. :slight_smile: I like that I can build something I can use. And I’m doing my best so my family and friends can be proud of Wyze products. Our Wyze apps’ ratings keep growing. Personally, I’m using almost everything that Wyze is doing. I’m honestly sleeping better when I know that my house is monitored, cameras keep my home securable, and sensors warn me if something’s leaking.

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Glad to put a face to the mobile development side of Wyze. As a developer myself, I realize it is a daunting task to make sure the app is consistent no matter what device someone is using. From my perspective, the App is intuitive and easy to use, so Kudo’s to you and the team on that. Can’t wait to see what Wyze will be delivering in the future.

Shameless plug :slight_smile: Dark Mode and Landscape view would make a lot of individuals happy.

However, Seeing what Wyze has done and continues to do is tremendous. You joined a great company and you should be proud of whar you have provided and done to date. Like I said, the app is easy and understandable. My 82 year old in-laws are able to use it without requiring much assistance. So Hats off.

Your talents are an asset to the team. Welcome.


I love this! Thank you for working on that.

I’m really glad to hear this! You having a personal interest and investment in making sure things work well and are enjoyable for you and your family and that you get to hear direct feedback from so many users as well as your own person experience of using everything daily is extremely reassuring!

Thanks for bringing your knowledge and experience here. Like you, I became very supportive of the company’s strategy and goals, and the employees are pretty cool, with great creative ideas and innovation and more receptive to feedback than so many other competitors. It was great reading your background and knowing you have a personal interest in continuing to improve the Wyze experience since it also affects you personally. :slight_smile:

(I would also like to put a shameless plug in to encourage Dark Mode development…I probably would rarely to never use landscape mode, but a lot of people with tablets really need it, so I highly support that too)


image What these fellas said, and… Sup, nice to learn about you. :beers: