Wyze Employee Spotlight - Keith Ho

Hello everyone! :grinning:

This month’s Employee Spotlight is Keith Ho! He will also be the guest speaker at a Team Wyze Live event on September 15th at 3pm PT on LinkedIn. Until then here is some more information about Keith and his role here at Wyze.

A few details about you:

Name: Keith Ho

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Team: Wyze Engineering

Role: Senior Principal Architect

1. Why did you choose Wyze (Why Wyze)?
I always enjoyed working on IoT. Before I joined Wyze, I was building my own home automation devices. When I heard about Wyze and the products they’re working on, I was really excited. It is beyond my dream to see so many products seamlessly integrated with one another. I was truly amazed to see Wyze producing such a solid product at a very affordable price for everyone.

2. What team are you on and what do they do?
I’m on the Wyze Engineering Team. My team works on all aspects of the product line ranging from firmware on the device, cloud backend management of users and devices, mobile (Android and iOS), and 3rd party integrations.

3. How long have you been with Wyze and what do you do here?
I’ve been at Wyze for a little over 3 years as an Engineering Manager for all Wyze End-to-End (E2E) technologies. My main focus is on building a fun and exciting environment for engineers to flourish and be passionately inspired by the impact they will make on the people who use our products.

4. What’s your favorite thing about working at Wyze?
To see the work that I do make a direct impact on the people who use our products. We occasionally get customer feedback/gratitude about the impact our product has in their lives. In some cases, we were able to save the life of a loved one.

5. How have Wyze product(s) impacted your life?
Before Wyze, as a hobby, I was building my own DIY IoT products (lighting, garage door opener, remote power switch, etc.) but it was very difficult to get those products to integrate and work consistently. It takes a long time to build a single product. I joined Wyze and it opened my world to unlimited possibilities. I see the opportunities for us to be a pioneering company in the IoT space and reach out to younger generations. I once had a 12-year-old boy come up to me (at my daughter’s ballet class) and he shared with me how he has all the Wyze products and how much he loves our products just because he saw me wearing a Wyze T-shirt.

I have most of the products in my house. I have so many cameras that sometimes it impacts my wife watching her favorite YouTube channels.

Wyze is growing! We are looking for passionate candidates to join our Firmware, Mobile, and Cloud teams. You’d be working with us to build impactful products which can change and touches millions of lives in positive ways. Check out our opportunities here: Wyze Careers.


Glad to put a face to individuals who actually work on Wyze Products End-to-end. I, like you have most of the Wyze Products and also enjoyed IoT development prior to finding Wyze.

I am impressed with What Wyze has produced and continues to produce. To put a face to those who play a critical part in the firmware development, cloud, etc, is great. Keep up the great work and look forward to what Wyze and you provide in the future.


Congrats! It’s amazing how everything Wyze works together so well, and still at a great price. Great job to you and everyone else that makes this stuff happen!