Wyze Doorbell with Intercom System

Hey There,

I just received my Wyze doorbell after waiting on my pre-order. This has been one of the wyze products that I have been most excited about getting. A series of events has led to my family moving to a new house sense the time of ordering the doorbell. The new house has an old 90’s intercom system in all of the rooms with a main hub in the family room. Part of this system utilizes a door bell that will ring to every rooms intercom in the house.

As I am looking to install the Wyze doorbell, curious how people would look at installing. I am not tied to the intecom system, but also dont want to disrupt the rest of the house currently. Would you look at installing a second doorbell? Would it be possible to replace the door bell intercom with the wyze? (Only need the wyze to chime the entire house, no need for the intercom to work to the front door).

Looking forward to any feedback people have!

I don’t think the wyze doorbell is going to work at all with your intercom system. I look at it as if it’s a chime which gets bypassed during install. You can probably still use the intercom system to provide the power for the doorbell as long as it’s within 16v-24v but you’d have to figure out the wiring to do so. I have have one installed at work which is powered by a old intercom system, but when I installed I was only concerned with getting power.

The Wyze doorbell is really designed to alert you via the app & included chime.