Wyze Doorbell replacing NuTone Intercom Doorbell

Our house has a 90’s NuTone Intercom-AM FM and integrated doorbell. There is no separate Chime- the doorbell tone would come through all the interior speakers. I replaced the doorbell button with the Wyze unit- but the red/white wire from the NuTone provided 8.5VDC, and I could trace it to 2 terminals in the NuTone Unit. Within the enclosure box between the studs in the wall was an access door that contained the 24V AC transformer to power the Nutone unit. I was able to move the wires for the doorbell button to these terminals on the transformer and the Wyze unit powered right up, No sweeter words to hear than Ready to Connect when I went to the outside to check it out. I hope this is helpful to anyone else that has one of the Old School Nutone units


Thanks for the write up! Glad it’s working.

Thank you for the information. I have a NuTone system and I’m confused. My NuTone doorbell has 4 wires. A red and red/white look like they are driving the speaker. I then have a white wire and a gray wire which are connected to the body of the doorbell. I attached the white and gray wires to the Wyze doorbell. I think I’ve identified both sets of wires back at the NuTone module. Just not sure what to do with them. The red and red/white are hooked up to the door speaker and the gray and white wires are hooked up to the chime module. My transformer is visible and before I go digging for it can you tell me if your intercom now no longer works? Any other help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

First step would be to verify the voltage at the 2 pairs of wires at the doorbell- check if it is DC or AC (or neither) with a DVM, then go to the unit and see if the same voltage show with the pairs you have identified

We only have 1 or 2 intercom speakers still active- and we no longer use them. In our setup we only had 2 wires at the old doorbell on the front door with no intercom.
good luck

Hooked it up to the transformer and is working properly! Thanks for the help!

That’s great news, those have a nice picture.

I haven’t gotten to hook mine up yet because I’m trying to figure out the easiest way to install it ( Place i currently live in didn’t have an existing door bell wired up) Cant wait to get it up and running though , then i can move one of the cameras thats at the front door someplace else !

I also have a nutone speaker/doorbell. One set of wires go to the speaker and the other pair go to the doorbell button. It is the doorbell button wires that you use. My nutone used a regular wall mount chime as well as the speaker system. Unfortunately, my wall mount chime no longer works when the wyze doorbell is connected. There must be electronics between the 2 contacts on the wyze which prohibits a direct connection between the wires when the button id pushed. It would be nice to have that issue fixed as you could use a regular chime as well as the wyze chime.
Also it would be nice to be able to connect multiple wyze chimes to a doorbell.

I have the same unit. my wires from my nutone door bell to the nutone master unit or 4 wires (red, green, yellow, and Black). Which do I use and connect on the 24v where? Here are pictures.
How do I connect it.


the first step is to check for voltage (AC or DC and how much) with an inexpensive digital multimeter that has ranges for AC and DC volts. You should be able to find 120V AC (stay clear) and 24V AC (good) by using one of these. My original front door bell did not have a speaker- but using the meter from the source (transformer) and measuring there and outside should do the trick, Good Luck!

So leave the wires in place and use the 2 of the 4 that equates to 24volt. And do no cross wiring, etc?

that’s what I would try first- ID the 24V ac leads outside and wire nut off the other pair- if plan A does not work that pair may be able to be used for power by tracing where they go in the box and moving them.

This is great - I am also trying to replace the old NuTone speaker outside with Wyze. I got the AC power to the outside wires but am having a hard time finding a large enough wallplate to cover the existing NuTone box in the wall (and then to mount the Wyze bell on it).
How did you achieve this?

our setup just had a regular doorbell button at the front door that was wired into our NuTone unit-that is where I did the wiring changeover. Sorry I can’t help on the wall plate

Any ideas how to get this working. These are the 2 wires (red and white) running to my front standard doorbell. Want to hook up the wyze doorbell cam but cant get it to say ready to connect while.

have you measured the voltage out at the old doorbell button outside and at the terminals in the picture?
It has been a while since I converted our doorbell button to the Wyze cam, but I’m pretty sure I changed the wires from the board in the picture to a transformer that matched the voltage requirement for the wyze unit (it could easily be something like 24V AC, but I’m not sure) The Wyze unit should list what voltage(s) it can run on-then match up the correct voltage on the other end.
I hope this is helpful-Out NuTone unit got removed with a kitchen remodel, but we moved the transformer to the basement and that is all that is powering it now

Yes the transformer will be different, nu tone is 24volt I did this very thing some time ago