Wyze doorbell v2 with nutone intercom

This is for Nutone 3204 with option chime included.
The Wyze Chime Controller is what allow your existing chime to ring once the Wyze door bell is press.
The controller needs to build up a charge which is why you get the message to wait for it to initialize.

Disconnect the wire running the front door on the nutone board ( My case the Red wire) and connect the white wire from the wyze controller to the board.

Next Connect Wyze controller black wire to the Red Wire that you had just disconnected.

Connect the Wyze controller red wire to the Transformer !!! make sure power is off!!!

Had more pics but limit is

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Feedback and power issues even after upgrading the transformer to 16v 30va. Wired the doorbell directly to the transformer. The cable run to my nutone is a 4 wire. In the old nutone door bell 2 we’re for the button and 2 for the speaker. The one for the speaker will now be used to provide power directly to the wyze door bell. Will try some different configuration for the chime button with and with controller.

It’s very easy to replace the transformer once it’s located.

  1. turn off the power. Confirm with a non contact voltage tester.
  2. Disconnect the two cables that are screwed into the top of the transformer.
  3. On the other side you should see three cables black, white and green connected by wire nuts. Do yourself a favor take a picture and disconnect them.
  4. Remove the old transformer and mount the new transformer. Connect the new transformer black to black, white to white, green to green or copper.
  5. Reconnect the wires that were screwed into The transformer