Is the Wyze doorbell compatible with a NuTone IM 3022 intercom

Found wires from intercom doorbell to intercom. Can’t wire to supply power to Wyze doorbell from chime module in intercom

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I’m not a doorbell intercom expert, but this topic may help you out. Take a look:

Thanks for the tip. You are the only person to suggest a fix. Not a thing from Wyze support. I will be able to return to that project after completing our 2 month medical mission. I’ll let you know how things go.

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Hi. Same issue here. I have a Nutone IM 4006 system that still works mostly, and does come in handy. Do you have a pic of the final installation you have of your Wyze doorbell retrofit? I have vinyl siding from the 90’s and don’t want to do a hack-job to install a new doorbell but sure would like to have the modern features. Thanks! Randy

My doorbell never received enough power to work. I was able to return my doorbell for a full refund. Then reworked my intercom. It was never broken. I just wanted the video doorbell while we were away. I re-appropriated a static cam for that purpose. Sorry I’m not able to help.