Wyze Doorbell Will not connect to Wifi

My 2 year old doorbell stopped sending notifications. So I reset it. Now it will not reconnect to the same Netgear 2.4ghz wifi router…
So I bought a new Wyze doorbell. Same thing it will NOT connect with the router, The router is not new. I have not changed any setting on the router. Perhaps there was a netgear update?
I have rebooted everything 3 or 4 times, wifi, camera and phone. Even tried setting up with an Iphone too.


I had the same thing happen, though my three outdoor cams also went offline. I believe this is a firmware issue with Wyze,

I just figured it out… I had to go into my Netgear Wifi router and delete the doorbell. I then reinstalled at everything is working perfect. Strange.


How was the doorbell “in” the router?