Wyze doorbell, view is zoomed and to left when someone rings the doorbell

installed my wyze doorbell the first week of may and have been having an issue since the start. When you go into the app and manually bring up the camera everything looks great. But if someone rings my doorbell and i get a notification and click on it, the view is always zoomed in and to the left and pretty much doesnt show the person at the door. I have to slide the view to the side to see who is there. It does this every time. I contacted support around the end of may. they had me make sure my device and app were fully updated and had me reset everything. The problem continues and they eventually had me create a log for the engineers and i was contacted by a “wyze wizard”. I had to basically start over explaining the issue to them and they had me do the same stuff, check for updates and reset. Yesterday i received an answer from the wizard:
“I was able to check your images and verified them with the specs of our product, and it seems that this is a natural reaction of the doorbell to excessive external light from outside your house. The only workaround that would work best to amend this issue is to move your doorbell to a different location or try to limit the amount of light that reflects your doorbell by adding a cover where the light is coming from. My apologies for the inconvenience.”

I let them know my door faces northeast and never has direct sun hit it and it has the same behavior in the evening when there are not daylight concerns. Our entrance also has a covered area over it. Definitely didnt sound like a real cause of the issue. I asked to have a new unit sent out or what i needed for a refund and he recommended i pan the screen every time and ignored my request.

Not the best experience with their support.
Has anyone experienced this issue? Is this normal?

here are the images,
this is the initial view when i pull up the camera manually in the app

i’ll do the others in a reply, since it is limiting me

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Here is the view when i click the notification of someone ringing the doorbell

Here is the view after clicking the notification and panning over to view the person at the door

Strange… I’ll give this a shot on mine. I haven’t actually had enough visits at my door to remember how it looked.

Mine does this also. I wish they would fix it.

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Did you ever figure out a fix? Mine started doing the same thing for some reason.

Mine started working again after one of the firmware updates.

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