Doorbell full screen zooms to left of picture?


I’ve noticed that the full screen view always zoom to the left of the picture. I know I can move the picture around after but it will be nice if it zoomed to the middle instead. Anybody see this happen with iOS app?

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Welcome back @rayngun!
Can you a bit more clearer on your issue? I’m using the IOS app and the doorbell loads up in the regular size view in portrait(vertical) and does not zoom or rotate in landscape(horizontal) The view only zooms in when I use two fingers to pinch and zoom. Does yours not do this?

This isn’t about vertical or horizontal view. I am holding my phone vertically.

When I access Wyze app and select my doorbell, it brings me to a view where the picture occupies 2/3rds of the top of the screen. The bottom 1/3rd will show a few buttons - full screen mode, speaker, mic, and additional options. When I select full screen, the picture expands to consume my whole screen. In this view, it is only showing a portion of the picture. To be specific, it is showing the left side of the picture. I can then take my finger, drag left, and see the right side of the picture. What would be best is that when I open up full screen, it elects to display the centre of the the original photo instead of the left or right sides.

I hope that is clear

I have both iOS and Android, when you make the Doorbell Live Stream full screen it looks great. However, on iOS it does favor the left side of the video. On Android it centers the image as you are asking it to be. Might be a bug with iOS, have you opened a ticket?

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I understand this bug better now.
I would suggest submitting a log because this is an app bug.
Instructions here:

Thank you for looking into it!

I’m not a Wyze employee, I’m only a volunteer. You should definitely submit a log to help Wyze developers and engineers solve the issue.

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did you ever get an answer to this? I seem to have a similar issue. Support blamed it on bright lighting.

I did not. I started the process of submitting a log but it was more trouble than I thought. So I didn’t even do that.