Would like a full view

Would like to have full screen.

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Can you provide additional information as to what you are looking for?

  • Full Screen View while Live Streaming? Double Tapping the Live Stream will zoom in and then you can resize.

  • Full Screen View while Playing Events? When you Live Stream an event and rotate Horizontally, mine seems to go full screen.

  • Which Camera are you using and would like full screen view? Need to determine if it is related to a specific camera.



Would like to see FULL screen in my Wyze , like it was before the update was done (doorbell app.) Now the bottom 1/3rd is black. All started with the update 2 months ago. Have 2 cameras (doorbell) and when updates both the bottom 1/3rd went black?? Something to do with the updates as both cameras did the same thing??

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The VDBv1 (Wired Doorbell) has two options to go to the “Full Screen” Zoomed mode.

You can double tap the center of the video area or you can tap once and select the Full Screen Zoom button:

However, because of the specific aspect ratio of the video frame of the doorbell, it may only fit full screen from top to bottom and crop off the sides like it does on my skinny phone. But, you can drag the image from left to right to see the edges.

Thanks for your input…

… I have 2 - Wyze Video Doorbell – Wired …
My 2 cameras have worked great for the last 2 years with no problem, but approx. 2 months ago they sent a update – after that time things were different after the update was completed. Now the horizonal got larger, went from 120 degrees to 150 degrees. But Vertical doesn’t fit the whole screen now the bottom 1/3rd of the screen is black now so I only get 2/3rds of a screen now. I still get the video, but it is only in 2/3rds of the screen. When I zoom in it only gives me the left-hand side of the screen, you can’t move it from left to right anymore like you used too? Looks to me they changed the aspect ratio with the update? It would be nice if it covered the full screen on my IOS phone, the vertical that is. The Zoom is no good because it cuts off half of the picture and you can’t move it back and forth (left to right).
So i’m hoping they can do a new update to repair these problems as it would be nice to have work like it did before.

This most likely coincides with the App introducing the ability to integrate the VDB into Groups with the other cams. Because the VDB FOV Aspect ratio is different than most other cams (axis are flipped), special coding has to be done to allow them to stream the entire FOV in the same screen as the other cams.

Correct. While the image area has changed and you will see a large unused portion of the phone screen at the bottom, the 2\3 of the screen that is filled with video does contain the full field of view of the cam. You aren’t missing any of the video field of view.

I just double checked mine. If I double tap on the center of the video, it zooms to full screen. I can then pull left or right to view either side of the cropped FOV. What App version are you running? This may be an iOS App issue that needs to be tested and confirmed. I am running Android.