Feature request: add full-Screen support for phones with 18:9 or 18.5:9 screen r

Many new phones have extra wide screen, 18:9 or 18.5:9, like the Samsung S9/S9+. The Wyze app is currently NOT designed/optimized for extra wide screen like from the Samsung S9/S9+. While using the Wyze app, if user selects option “tap here to fill entire screen” then the horizontal view of camera feed is stretched making everything looks “fatter”.

My S9+ landscape view looks normal

Does your horizontal view still retain 16:9 ratio even after you select “tap here to fill entire screen”?

I don’t select “tap here to fill entire screen” but it does fill entire screen Normally

Select to fill the screen to see my point.

Landscape appears to mess with aspect ratio of image on iPhone X as well. Looks normal (but small) in portrait, not quite right in landscape.

Not a big fan of any app that forces an orientation, either. One of my big annoyances with the Wyzecam app. Don’t make me turn my device to use your app, turn your app to match my device :slight_smile:

Yep seeing the same issue as well. My girlfriend loses a chunk of the top and bottom of the camera because of the resolution on her S9. Can definitely notice quite a difference when her phone and my Pixel XL are side by side in landscape mode.

If you don’t see the correct video ratio on the S9, it means the phone is displaying full widescreen 18.5:9 instead of the correct 16:9 ratio for wyze video. Just go to settings/display/full screen apps, then disable for the wyze app and the wyze video should look normal again in horizontal view …

Your right , I just got the s9+ so haven’t figured it all out yet

This seems to mostly work (still a bit off between my phone and my girlfriends)… but I feel like their app should natively get the screen resolution and format accordingly. Until these different screens get a bit more mainstream and they might be able to accommodate in another way. I shouldn’t need to touch anything in my phones settings to fix this type of issue. The apps coding should take care of any hassle I would say… such is the burden of Android programming. I could be a bit picky with this, but I feel like for the best user experience, they should not have to change their settings outside of the application.

I do appreciate the work around though.

I can confirm that the full-screen, horizontal image is stretched to fill the display on my new LG V40 phone which is 3120x1440 pixels at a 19.5:9 aspect ratio. Obviously, the image is really stretched, I would much prefer it displayed the WYZE Cam Pan at it’s native 16:9 aspect ratio with black bars at either side. For some reason, the WYZE app isn’t listed in Settings > Display > App Scaling.