When in full screen (landscape) don't let display timeout

By default the app works in portrait - even when going in to viewing cam’s stream.
As soon as click the “full-screen”, it jumps to landscape. That’s all well and good; however, when in full screen would be nice if it doesn’t let the display timeout (screen saver or timeout) … similar to other video apps.
Sometimes wanna monitor a camera for a while and tapping the phone every 30 sec is a bother.

What kind of phone are you on. On my iPhone and iPad, the display stays on indefinitely. Perhaps there’s a phone setting you can adjust?

Agreed. I just double-checked, and my iOS devices don’t time out, so maybe it’s something specific to the Android side. I see 30 seconds is mentioned, and iOS doesn’t have any timeout options that quick.

Android 8.0 running on LG G6.
I thought at one point, Wyze would prevent screen timeout, but does not seem to be the case now (using Wyze Beta).
I know there are other apps to hack this, but would rather get the feature straight from Wyze than 3rd party.

Until today (26April2019) all of my devices (S5 & S6s) would never timeout when the camera was in fullscreen mode. Now, today, the screen times out.


MOD NOTE: This is apparently a problem that cropped up with some Android phones running the newly released 2.3.x Wyze app. The developers are aware of it. It would help them track down the source if those experiencing the issue would submit a support request from within the app (Account > Help & Feedback) including the logs.

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Oh terrific! Good to know!! Thanks for confirming!!
I had thought the screen didn’t timeout, but wasn’t 100% certain … I’m also using the Beta app, so would have received the bug prior to general release.
Request on it’s way …

I use a Samsung tab a to monitor one of my WYZE cams. This morning there was an update (the one that says “Got It”. After I accepted the notice, the screen started timing out and going black. It has never done that in the past, the screen always remained active. What changed?

Have had the same issue lately. We use a pan cam for our baby monitor and it used to never time out but it’s been dimming and then my phone goes into sleep mode. My wife’s app is doing the same thing. Android 9

Hello @ra1882, can you go ahead and follow these instructions to better help the Devs fix this issue.

I just got this from WYZE support on the ticket I opened.
"*Thank you for contacting Wyze support. *
Our team has discovered a screen timeout issue with our latest Android app version. This issue will be resolved when we release the next Wyze app version.
*We are targeting next week for the new Wyze Android app version. *
*We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. *
Regards, "


Great to hear!

As it’s the end of the week and I haven’t seen an updated version I emailed support looking for status. I’ll post their reply.

Thank you, looking forward to an update.

The bug has been fixed in the new version of app 2.3+

I updated my S5 and it’s good now!