Wyze Cam Pan app turns off/sleeps

In the past week or so (I assume due to a firmware or app upgrade), when viewing the app on Android, after about 5-10 minutes the screen will start to dim and turn off. My phone timeout settings have not changed. It appears to be something new on Wyze hardware/software side. Previously, the app would stay running indefinitely. The only thing that works is to install an app that keeps the phone active to keep the screen on.

This is a known issue that has been reported to the developers. It would be helpful if you would submit a trouble ticket by going to Account > Help & Feedback in the app and include the app logs.

Is there any status update or ETA on the issue?

What personal/video info is included in the app logs?

I don’t know exactly what’s in the logs, but I believe it’s meta data only, no actual video. And they are encrypted and only readable by Wyze.

I have not heard of an ETA yet.

I just sent the logs to myself. They’re definitely not encrypted, but appears to include some serialized (unreadable/binary) data as well as some plaintext.

I just submitted the logs.

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Experiencing same issue, except it happens after only 30 seconds of viewing. I have submitted a report through the app. Any update on potential ETA for this issue to be resolved? It is seriously annoying any time you try to live stream any camera.

FYI it is fixed now (version 2.3+ of app).