Wyze Doorbell v2 Poor Event Playback Quality

Hello everyone, just upgraded from the Wyze doorbell v1 to the v2 version. Installation went well, except I had a problem getting my original doorbell chime to work. The FAQs helped me check to ensure I had “Chime” set to Mechanical and let the device charge, which fixed the problem.

The live video seems fine, but when I review a recorded event, the picture quality is poor / grainy. Any suggestions?

I did install a SD card, if that matters.

Thanks for the post on this. Can you provide the following:

  • Android App Version you are using
  • A Device Log from the VDBv2

Hello, same lack of video quality via android app (version v2.46.0 (368) ) and web browser. Log submitted # 1214736.

I went through the same troubleshooting steps with my chime, but it still isn’t working.

Picture quality is bad here too. But for me, it’s also in live view. In daytime, the sky and bright colors are washed out and the faces up close are dark

Both have:
2K Image Sensor
F2.0 aperture
Sensor Size of 1/2.8"
Not supporting 5 Ghz

Apart from 2K recording with a SD card slot, the improvements seem marginal?
And looks like many parts are still from the old inventory, master of supply chain.