Doorbell - Live framerate 1-2fps

About a month or so ago I noticed my Wyze doorbell will only give me about 1-2 fps when I view it live. It will only show me “full framerate” video if I drop to 480p. The overlay says I’m getting 80-90KB/s. All my other cameras (OG Pan/Scan, OG Outdoor, V1 Cam and V3 Cam) have no problem with HD or SD video at their full framerates - with less data rates. A bit annoying. Have done a full reset but to no avail, and the problem still exists. Any thoughts on how to remedy this?

What app and firmware version is running?

What is the signal strength to the doorbell? You can check this in the device info page of the doorbells settings.

I am having the same problem!

2.46.0 (6) of the app, of the doorbell FW.

Full strength. The wifi router is about 10ft from the doorbell.

Do you know if anything changed when this started? Did you get a new router, new ISP, FW update, etc?

Also, what is the speed up and down of your Wi-Fi?

For some reason recently my wise exterior dual outlet is having problems with the Wi-Fi that had never had I wonder if it’s related to some update?

I’m running the same firmware and the Android Production App. Mine is oscillating between 70-80ish KB\s and 150-180ish KB\s with no adverse streaming affects. However I do have the Android App setting for Hardware Decoder enabled. With this disabled, there is only a very slight downward deviation but unnoticeable in the video quality.

Same gear as before. We’re on fiber here, so 310Mbps down, 92Mbps up. Just to make things more fun… the issue is intermittent.

The Internet speed from your ISP shouldn’t have any affect on the Live Stream KB\s when your phone and the doorbell are on the same network as the P2P stream between the Cam and the app are localized and not run thru the internet. Your WiFi speed is the critical limiting factor there.