Wyze Doorbell Live Video Issues

I’ve got a Wyze Doorbell on firmware that is having terrible live video issues. Signal strength appears decent usually 2 or 3 bars in the app.

I typically get all my notifications about events, I can usually watch recordings pretty quick. Occasionally the most recent recording will give me a “cloud error”.

My main issue is that when I do want to watch live video, it will go through its authenticating procedures with step 1 2 3 and occasionally just sit on 3. When it does finally connect, I’ll notice the video is choppy and then stalls. I also notice the bitrate at the top corner in the low KB range (under 100 usually) and it will always go down to 0. Sit at zero and then gain a little and go back down.

I never have a great live stream and if I do get a live stream it’s either choppy or not working. Video uploads appear fine as I am able to watch most perfectly shortly after an event.

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