Wyze doorbell pro

Why did my Wyze doorbell pro stop showing an image in each event in my “recent events” tab,
Now it shows picture of a doorbell


Sorry, not going to be much help on this one. I don’t have the Doorbell Pro to test and I don’t use iOS either. I suspect it may be App Version related.

Tagging the other @Mavens and @Mods to see if they have seen this elsewhere or if they can test & replicate with VDBPro on Cam Plus.


I don’t have a Doorbell Pro to test either.

Have you tried doing a long-pull down on the screen to try to refresh the display?

Tap on one of the events. Are you able to view the event? When going back to the main event page, does the thumbnail appear after viewing the event?

What app version are you running?

Do you see this issue for any other types of cams?

If this issue is consistent, please submit a dev log and post the Log ID.

Thanks Slabslayer,
I tagged you because no one else responded and I tough you might lend your thoughts, which you did. Meantime I solved the problem here and all is well. Thanks for responding. I thought you would as you always do…tlhutch4


Great that you found a solution. What fixed it? Good to have that here in case another user experiences it and comes looking.


I have the doorbell pro and still have the images. I would clear the app cache, restart the phone be and try again


I can’t say for certain what fixed the doorbell image issue in my events. That’s because I was trying multiple things to resolve it.
However, I’m quite certain that what finally fixed it was going outside and disconnecting the wires on the doorbell leaving it off a couple minutes then reconnecting it. It’s back to normal since then and now showing images for every event that occurs on my doorbell on the events page.