Doorbell Notification NOT SHOWING EVENT PREVIEW since firmware update?!

The Wyze Doorbell push notification on my iPhone has always sent a snapshot on the iOS alert notification in the past (for the full just under two years I’ve had the camera). After this most recent firmware update, it no longer sends the preview, just says “check out the event video” (see photo…there used to be a photo snapshot on the right side of the alert and I could click and hold to preview a snapshot of what set off the motion without opening the app).

This is extremely inconvenient because I then have to wait for the app to open and watch the entire event just to quickly see who’s at my door, when I used to be able to preview the event as a still image with the push notification. I have triple checked that it is not any settings, or hardware issues and nothing has changed, other than a firmware update where this feature seems to have been removed.

I have reset all the hardware at the last support agent’s suggestion to no avail, because I’m 99% positive it’s something that happened in the firmware update and has nothing to do with the hardware or app software. I have already done all trouble shooting steps I knew support would suggest beforehand so I could resolve the issue faster. I also submitted a log to the second agent I was passed to and she also came back with the same generic, uninstall, reinstall, check your notification settings, etc. steps, that were already done.

Please escalate this question on to the developers that issued the recent firmware and ask why this amazing feature was removed and request that it be added back in the next update! Anyone dealing with this issue or figured it out?

By the way, I am not the only one that is experiencing this issue. I have found at least four questions (one on this wyze forum a while back) that are asking about the same issue since the firmware update, but those questions have gone unanswered.

Get in line. I think they broke the doorbell period with the latest update. I just exchanged the doorbell and it came with a lower firmware and it still has issues. lol

Oh dang…are you having the same notification preview issue, or just complaining about other issues from the doorbell?

Fwiw, I am having the exact same problem and yes I hate it too. I hope this gets addressed soon.

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Right! I submitted it and got the response that they are now aware and vaguely stated that maybe it would be updated in the next firmware update. No reasoning as to why this feature was removed…I thought I might be one of the only ones truly hating that this feature is gone since no one responded to the other posts I’ve seen!

Update anyone? STILL NOTHING FROM WYZE and definitely still happening.

I would really love an update for this as I still have to open the app, which seems to take longer and longer just to get a preview of what set the camera off. This is a huge problem for me as I have anything from large trucks, to deliveries, to sign for packages, to solicitors, to family, etc. That all can happen in a couple days and opening the app every time is getting really old fast! This was already a feature that was working great! Why in the heck was it removed in a firmware update and then just overlooked all these updates later and never added back?!

Still nothing?? Come On Wyze… having same isues

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FINALLY! 7 months later! THEY BROUGHT IT BACK!!! YAY!!!