Bring Back Doorbell Image Preview in Push Notifications In iOS

The Wyze Doorbell push notification on my iPhone used to send a preview snapshot on the iOS alert notification for years where I could click and hold the notification to preview a still “screenshot” of what set off the motion without having to open the app completely.

The end of April this year, looks like this feature was removed in a firmware update! It no longer sends a photo snapshot on the right side of the alert, just says"click here to preview the video"… which, when clicked, takes you to fully load up the app, then SOMETIMES takes you directly to the video…sometimes just opens the home screen where you have to navigate to the event videos and wait for it to load just to see that it was actually just a truck that set it off! This is frustrating as I need to quickly see what set of the camera due to a number of reasons. This was already a fantastic WORKING feature (obviously one of my favorite features about the doorbell as opposed to other brands) and I don’t understand why it was removed in the first place. Please bring it back!

I have talked to multiple agents at this point who all just said it’s a waiting game to see if the developers think it’s important enough to add this time saving feature back in! Please help me out and vote this one up so it gets added back!

[Mod Note]: Additional info reference:
Doorbell Notification NOT SHOWING EVENT PREVIEW since firmware update?!.

YAY! FINALLY! 7 months but they brought it back!

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