Notification preview no longer displays anything

One of my favorite features is the preview on notifications but recently these no longer display anything. Didn’t change any notification settings that I know of. Wondering if anyone else was seeing this.

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I am having the same issue. This was my favorite feature with the doorbell cam because I didn’t have to wait for the app to load before I could see who was at my door. I have asked support with four different agents now and they have given me the generic “reset your doorbell, make sure your app notifications are turned on, etc” troubleshooting and I keep telling them nothing has changed. It’s not the hardware or the app’s software/settings, the feature was removed in the last firmware update and I want to know why and get it back asap! If you found a fix, please post it! I hope Wyze escalates this to the developers who updated the firmware so they can fix this asap, or at least give an explanation as to why it was removed.