Doorbell camera keeps taking photos

Wyze Doorbell Camera v2.
Was working fine. Now it keeps taking still photos every ten minutes. I want to shut that off but cant figure out how.

What motion is it seeing that’s triggering the event? I am guessing you don’t have cam plus in the camera?

That’s just it. No motion is triggering it. It just takes still photos every 10 minutes or so. This did not happen the first month after I installed it. It just started happening. Otherwise, it works fine. It still takes videos of people and animals, which are my only settings.

Where are you seeing these still images being saved?

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The photos just line up under the live view in the same place motion videos appear.

Is it associated with another event from the same camera? Does it also show when you look under the event tab? Can you post some screen shots of what your seeing?

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I believe you are correct. I did not have Cam Plus. I just signed up for it and that seems to have solved the problem. I guess I must have been under some sort of free plan for a few months. Anyway, thank you for your attention to my issue.


Yes, the images or thumbnails of events to the cloud is normal for those without a cloud service license aka cam plus attached to a camera and have event recording to the cloud enabled. Once you sign up a license for cam plus and add a license to the camera. Those thumbnails or images turn up to videos or clips. That is all normal. :slight_smile:

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