Wyze doorbell power that works

For the sake of posting to help others. From Amazon I ordered the voyaux power supply adapter and it works great for the Wyze doorbell, Amazon link is Amazon.com. I am using the transformer for the doorbell and did nothing but plug in the little chime box and works great. Luckily I have a power outlet right by the front door. Went to home depot and grabbed some plastic wire channels (cable raceways) to pretty it up. https://www.homedepot.com/b/Electrical-Electronics-Cable-Management/N-5yc1vZc64e.


can we see the other side to see how you mounted it? sheer curiosity

I used the flat mounting bracket it came with. I already had a standard peephole so mounted the bracket and cam over that.


Hi, I’m late to the party but… I am having trouble wiring my plug in because I have 2 wires, one white one black and white, I can’t find instruction for which wire connects to which screw on the doorbell… Voyaux