New power supply for new doorbell

I have installed my first video doorbell on the front door and it is everything I expected and wanted. I am so happy that I am considering installing another video doorbell on our side door. The challenge I have is there was never a doorbell on the side door, therefore I need power for it. Any suggestions?

If you have vinyl siding, there is a tool you can get that allows you to pop it off pretty easily, and you can run wires under there to the doorbell location. You’d need to wire up another 16-24V transformer somewhere and run it outside to the doorbell, assuming you don’t want to drill a hole right on the other side of your door.

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Thank you for your help. I assume HD or Lowe’s has the transformer needed to power the doorbell.

Yes, most hardware stores will carry doorbell transformers. You can get hardwired ones or plug in ones.

Hmm, this thing? Didn’t know it existed. Thank you, I think you just made my life a little easier.

Yep, that’s the tool.

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Hey @speadie, I finally picked one up (Lowes version). It works and I love it! Thanks so much.

From Amazon I ordered the voyaux power supply adapter and it works great for the Wyze doorbell, Amazon link is I am using the transformer for the doorbell and did nothing but plug in the little chime box and works great. Luckily I have a power outlet right by the front door. Went to home depot and grabbed some plastic wire channels (cable raceways) to pretty it up. Unfortunately there does not seem to be an allowance for posting a picture.