Wyze doorbell-more than 2

I have 4 exterior doors and I want to install the wyze doorbells at each door. Can I run all 4 doorbells off 1 doorbell transformer? Also, do I need to link the provided chime to each doorbell or can I use 1 chime and link all doorbells to it?

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Provided your transformer can supply 40va (4 x 10va per doorbell), yes.

That said, most home transformers are around 24 volt-amps, so yours probably won’t. Still, go find it and read the rating plate.

No idea about the chimes. Wyze hasn’t sold them individually yet so the use cases below have not been tested.

Doorbell to Chime

  • One to many
  • Many to one
  • Many to many

Only one to one is known for now.

I have two doorbells and what currently works is:
One doorbell to one chime
One doorbell to many chimes
Many doorbells to many Alexa devices (with Wyze “skill”)

They claim that you can approximate “many doorbells to many chimes” with Rules, but it is not currently implemented (so you can’t). The chimes don’t show up as “target” devices in the rules.

In short, if you have four doorbells and use the chimes that come with them, you will need to use four outlets with four chimes. When a doorbell is pressed, only the one chime paired with that particular doorbell will ring.

Until Wyze fixes this issue, you would likely want to get an Echo Dot or similar to serve as the “chime.” (On doorbell press, Alexa makes a chime and then says “Someone is at the XYZ doorbell.”)


You don’t need anything close to 10VA for the doorbell. It would probably melt if it drew that much power. From an earlier post of mine (slightly modified):

I tested the video doorbell over a wide range of voltages, up to 24V. I found that it operates fine down to 7V. It used ~100 mA just streaming video, went up to about 150 mA when activated.

This was using a DC power supply, not the AC specified. Apparently it will work with both AC and DC. Maybe that’s what the micro USB port is for. I’ll check that out. (Note: it can be powered from the USB port)

I used a plug-in power adapter @ 12VDC with 1500 mA (1,5 A) and it works fine. Way more mA capacity than needed.

I’d say the reason that the doorbell says : 16 - 24 VAC >= 10 VA is because that is the spec of a standard doorbell transformer, which Wyze seems to assume you have. The 10VA is way more power than needed.