Wyze doorbell cameras comparison

Leaving out that the older doorbell has a hidden 2K (2048 x 1536) resolution.


Yea, the VDB version one has a 2K sensor at a higher resolution. Not sure why Wyze has not activated it yet.

I will add this and what @Newshound provided to the list, in case others are looking for it.


Nice. As long as you’re being so complete I’d also suggest a photo and list price for each. :wink:

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LOL – Ok

EDIT - Done. Hopefully it looks good

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Thanks so much @Newshound for additional details. I had definitely missed the Bluetooth connection. And the 1-1 relationship with chime-doorbell. I might have put an additional chime downstairs, but it’s not a necessity necessity for me. If Wyze could utilize Alexa devices as additional chimes (as I and others have ‘wished’ for), that would be that problem solved.

I wish packages directly under my doorbell was an issue, my delivery folks barely get them under the porch overhang. :laughing:


I have the VDB. Love it. Wished the status light could be controlled more like the other Wyze cameras but it works great. Like the small form factor, had to snipe an extra vertical wedge from a friend who bought one at home Depot because the pre order VDB s didn’t come with vertical wedges but that’s my only gripe other than the status light thing and that my HOA is pro Ring. :slight_smile:


Here are comparisons of nighttime viewing capabilities. Was surprised how well the standard WVDB did here!

P.S. – I could barely keep the standard WVDB running – it was on the edge of range from my router. The Doorbell Pro worked great, because it had the chime base halfway from the router.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll do daytime pics for comparison:

WVDB Day sensor at night

WVDB Pro Day sensor at night

V3 Day sensor at night

V2 Day sensor at night

WVDB Night Vision

WVDB Pro Night Vision

V3 Night Vision

V2 Night Vision


Yeah, the original db night vision better than pro! That’s… curious… That V3 quality though. Blows my Arlo cams a-way. Wow!

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Here are the promised comparisons of daytime viewing capabilities.


WVDB Pro Day

V3 Day

V2 Day


Hi @Lugh, I was able to create an Alexa routine to do what you want. A press the video doorbell triggers a routine that plays a chime on the Alexa device of my choosing.

Interesting, I’ll check that out. Thanks!

Nice pics. Looks like your camera is pointed east. Anyone have their Bell pointed south towards the sun? I wonder how the camera would react to backlighting of the sun?? I notice that the $30 Kangaroo has a backlight setting.


The Sun is low in the south during the winter, so that big shadow tells you it is on the other side of the garage. So my pics are looking west, with south to left, and north to right. :slight_smile:

You are absolutely corrupt. I am dyslexic & often times use malapropisms. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m really disappointed with the WVDB. My camera is facing East and it blows out the background so bad that it makes the cam almost useless. The Nest Hello that I had previously had no problem handling the lighting.

Which version doorcambell is this?

I had an ARLO & sent it back. It had the same problem. I have yet to find a video DB that can compensate well for bright sun backlighting. It must be difficult to do. The Kangaroo is the only one I have found that actually has a software option to compensate exposure for backlighting. It has other limitations. At the same time if the DB faces south, as many do, it would seem the OEMs would have a solution. Otherwise, the effectiveness of discerning who is actually approaching your home is pretty limited. All faces look pretty dark with little detail.

Wyze Video Doorbell + Chime

That’s the wide dynamic range thing that all the real camera buffs are always complaining is missing in these consumer grade cameras.

This is what I Came here for.