Wyze doorbell. Anti-theft/continuous recording


I have many products but I do not yet own a Wyze doorbell. Do either of the models offer continuous recording, some sort of power source to support that feature & anti-theft?

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I am really sorry for the misinformation @davidarosas, it appears the Forum is being overrun with AI bots who have no way of verifying information. The user (or computer bot) who posted this is so far off the reservation it isn’t even remotely funny. I have reported the user to the Mods.

Wyze doorbells do NOT have SD Card slots. They have NO onboard video recording capability. All recording is online in the cloud on the Wyze Servers.

So, no continuous recording. Motion Event based only. VDBv1 is a wire powered only cam, VDBPro is a battery powered or wire powered dual capable cam. Both securely click into the base but there is no real lockdown feature.