Wyze doorbell. Anti-theft/continuous recording


I have many products but I do not yet own a Wyze doorbell. Do either of the models offer continuous recording, some sort of power source to support that feature & anti-theft?

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I am really sorry for the misinformation @davidarosas, it appears the Forum is being overrun with AI bots who have no way of verifying information. The user (or computer bot) who posted this is so far off the reservation it isn’t even remotely funny. I have reported the user to the Mods.

Wyze doorbells do NOT have SD Card slots. They have NO onboard video recording capability. All recording is online in the cloud on the Wyze Servers.

So, no continuous recording. Motion Event based only. VDBv1 is a wire powered only cam, VDBPro is a battery powered or wire powered dual capable cam. Both securely click into the base but there is no real lockdown feature.


I want this feature also. The police & neighbors often ask me about whether my doorbell camera caught something specific… but it’s only logging events. The only wiring I have there is the 24v for the doorbell. In order for me to install a Cam v3 with continuous recording, I’d have to add additional wiring somehow. It’s a hassle. If a SD doorbell cam were to come out, I’d buy it on the spot.

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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @pjfunes! :raising_hand_man:

If you would like to request that Wyze add this feature, follow the link to the official Wyze Wishlist, vote for it at the top, like :heart: some posts, and add your reply post to support the request.

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Wrong. The video doorbell v2 has Sd card and 24/7 recording. But the doorbell itself and the Sd card are very easy to steal.

FYI, the post you are responding to is not disagreeing with you.

If you check the dates above, they were posted in September 2023 before the Video Doorbell v2 launched at the end of October 2023. So the comment was accurate related to the time and product(s) it was referring to. The post also clarifies at the end that it is talking about the VDBv1 and VDBPro, and that while they “securely click into the base” (won’t fall out), it qualifies that “there is no real lockdown feature” (nothing to prevent it from being stolen).

The VDBPro DOES have an anti-theft screw, but it can still be removed by anyone determined enough to take it.

So far, I have yet to hear of a single instance of any Wyze Video Doorbell or SD card being stolen, and rarely have heard of it about any video doorbell of any company. I’m not saying it hasn’t happened, I just think it is extremely rare to the point that it’s almost unheard of. If someone wants your camera or SD card, there is no such thing as a couple of screws that is going to stop them, at least, not the second time they visit your door, and I can think of lots of ways they could do it that wouldn’t even notify you anyone is there.

That being said, I always advocate for making things safer and more secure. Just because nobody has broken into a house in my current neighborhood, doesn’t mean I take all the locks off my door and leave my door open 24/7 with a neon sign saying “nobody is home” when I’m away from home. Reducing or removing tempting opportunities is the best way to stay safe, so I do like anti-theft screws and SD card inserts to be less visible or inviting.