Video Doorbell Pro storage ideas

Not sure if at all possible, but I think since the Pro lacks local storage it would be cool if it could connect to the outdoor cam base station and store video on it’s SD card provided one is installed of course.

Agree 100%. I just got the Wyze doorbell and am reconsidering the purchase due to lack of storage. The door bell replaced the outdoor cam in the front and I expected local storage like all the other Wyze cams I have. Still reconsidering my purchase and might return to exchange for one with local storage like the Eufy.

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Please create a storage device that we can put inside to store video clips from doorbells locally. It could be a module, and you just insert a micro-SD card or a usb thumb drive.

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We are waiting to buy a video doorbell because we want one with an SD card. We’ve been using your cameras with SD cards and we’re sad when we saw your doorbells don’t. Please consider making that change so we can finally buy a video doorbell. Thanks!

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This needs to be a top priority. The fact you cant scrub clips or watch footage back on this device, to see package dropoff/theft is crazy to me.

Wyze can we please get a response about this? I would buy a new version with this feature. The lack of it is making me rethink all of my Wyze cam purchases (6 at this point) and this makes me sad…

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Upgrade for Wyze Doorbell Pro chime

Is there any chance the chime on the Wyze Doorbell Pro could be updated to add a micro sd card for the Wyze Doorbell Pro 7x24 storage? especially for those of us using the Doorbell Pro wired to power.?

Does the video go thru the chime to get to the wifi/internet? If so, then adding an updated chime with microsd card

so the new video doorbell v2 is wired and does have an sd card but no wyze chime. …

we would really beneift from a sd card in the Wyze Pro powered chime… I would really like to have 7x24 storage but I do not have an existing wired chime.

Any suggestions for a workaround…???

I have wired my Video doorbell pro to an outside power supply which does help not having to recharge it…

I am thinking of using the Doorbell V2 wired to outside power aupply connected to Alexa … but not sure about the delay for Alexa to announce people at the door …

I thought there was an earlier comment (last year) by the Wyze Execs (Dave?) considering putting an sd card on an inhouse device (like the wired chime) for 7x24 storage?? … searching …