Wyze doorbell and inside v2 camera offline

I’m receiving errors on my inside camera as well as our doorbell. It says error. Offline. The other cameras work great. I have another inside and 2 outside wireless.
Doorbell chime works but won’t stay online.
Inside pet cam just goes out 2-3 times a week.
I have to reset every time.

What troubleshooting steps have you tried? What app version and phone platform? How stable is your wifi network? Much more information needed in order to get help.

In the past when this happened to me, I did 3 things:

  1. Physically unplug the camera wait for about 15 seconds then plug it back in. This is more difficult with the doorbell, so resetting it through the app is what I do.

  2. If this did not fix it, I would do the following:

    • clear cache from within the app, by going to Account, app settings, then clear cache, then shut the app down
    • If on Android, then I would perform the following steps:
      • Long press the app
      • Select Force Stop
      • Tap on Storage and Cache
      • Cleare Cache from here
      • Shutdown this app as well
    • Reboot the phone
  3. Reboot the router to clear its cache or buffers… Then go into the app and see if it works.

Then go back into the app and see if everything loads. you will need o click each camera to get the thumbnail image. It will look like a camera otherwise.

Something to try if you want…

Got it fixed. I had to delete and reinstall my Wyze base.

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That happens to me all the time! It’ll show a recording and then I will go to play it and it tells me I didn’t have a good enough internet connection